A bit of skirmishing in Tower Control (11-2, Tri-slosher)

30th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm going for that Splatterscope to start with, but end up with a different splat. That's not unusual, and I would have continued to the normal perch, but I instinctively squidded and fell through the grate. I just roll with it, and go for the Octoshot in front of me, but he squids out of reach. Somewhat sensibly for me, I don't just chase ahead anyway, and a bit of patience instead gets the splat.

Circling around helps to stop the Tower, and I retreat sharpish to avoid the laser gaze of the Splatterscope. At least I know where she is, and rather than go for the Jet Squelcher heading for the Tower, I push to take the charger pressure off us. That works nicely.

The Tower's probably around here somewhere. I assume that my squidmates will take care of it, so head along its route to clear it of inklings. I lose track of the Carbon Roller, but that's how they roll, and my squidmates lose control of the Tower. Circling back has the Splatterscope do a neat teleportation trick, and as she doesn't drop in front of my bucket, I look for a different target.

The Carbon Roller splats a squidmate, and I seek revenge. I get it, partly, but return to my squidmates pushing the Tower. I head around the side to support on a flank, and although the Tower trundles backwards, I use some cover to get the splat on the expecting Splatterscope. Nice!

I've done some nice skirmishing, I think it would be good to push the Tower a little myself. I hop on and start it moving, hopping off only to avoid the Splatterscope's aim, coincidentally just as we take the lead. I need my Bubbler as purple ink flies in, but even that doesn't let me get back on the Tower. Thankfully a squidmate hops on, letting me squid around for more splats.

I get a bit lucky with against the Carbon Roller, and drop down to catch the Jet Squelcher from the side, but pushing forwards aggressively lets the Carbon Roller get pretty quick revenge. But that's okay. Before I get close to rejoining the battle, my squidmates have pushed the Tower to the goal. Woomy!

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