Battling cheese in Tower Control (17-4, Tri-slosher)

31st October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Heading around the back goes well, with a superb squid-jump off the block, but doesn't really achieve anything. At least I catch up with the Tower to almost help stop its backwards progress. Diving under the Killer Wail was a nice move too. I get more self-preservation manoeuvres working too, as my squidmates push the Tower, but I run in to a really cheesy Luna Blaster that deflates my spirits. I don't understand these people.

I return to do my best, which with the Tri-slosher mostly means skirmishing, although I try not to forget the Tower. I get some splats, ink as much turf as possible, and try to slow down the yellow team. But catching up with the Tower on another backwards push has my concerned for my safety, with a Blaster behind me if I tried to clear the Tower. My Bubbler helps me focus on the Tower, but by then the yellow team have taken the lead. A triple-splat, plus three minutes left in the battle, soothe the blow.

I skirmish some more, trusting my squidmates to look after the Tower once there are less yellow inklings around, but come to a gruesome end when caught between two Blasters. That was messy. I come back to just about splat the Luna Blaster, but maybe why bother, and quickly charge my Bubbler. That gives me an opportunity to ride the Tower, even with the Splatterscope's laser sight on me. I try to position myself so that the Tower's pillar will stop me skidding off, but it doesn't quite work. A squidmate hops on, though, so it's back to skirmishing!

Everything gets messy again, and I think I see the yellow charger in a bit of a panic. But, no, it's our charger in a bit of a panic. She gets the splat, though, which I think deserves a 'Nice!' I follow-up by finding the Splatterscope and splatting her, and using my Bubbler to splat and push back two more inklings, retreating before I get myself in trouble. It happens anyway, when I trade splats with the Luna Blaster, although it probably isn't much of a trade.

More skirmishing follows, squidding around a Killer Wail to try to find the right yellow puddle, just about managing it, and splatting a super-jumper whose pooped Splat Bomb's explosion seems luckily limited. I come across the Slosher next, who can out-range me, but my Bubbler charges just in time to save my skin. She times her Kraken to threaten me, but ends up bumping me like a sea lion with a beachball. We meet again soon enough, and Slosher beats Tri-slosher.

That may have been our last push. The lead isn't huge, but we haven't got too close to it. We might have time for one more attempt at stealing the victory, but the battle ends a split-second before both me and a squidmate get squiddy toes on the Tower. So it goes. It was a fun battle!

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