Edging closer to victory in Tower Control (12-2, Tri-slosher)

1st November 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's not really anyone to aim for, but I'm still speeding to the centre of the Underpass. Maybe I can do something there if I'm not expected, plus I really like moving quickly. I'm fast, but not as fast as my squidmate with the Inkstrike! Blimey. Still, I get a surprise splat, but no other inklings are really around, until I see a squid in a Seeker trail. I hop on the Tower with not much else to do, and hop off again as a squidmate is also on there and I see inklings.

I head up the wall to the side corridor, and thankfully have a Bubbler ready when an irritating jumping inkling is right in front of me. Moving on and having an Echolocator active isn't quite enough to get a splat right under my nose, but I'm not foolish enough to chase it in to so much green ink, and turn to support the Tower. Everyone gets on, though, which is goof for me to go skirmishing. I get back on to the Tower when no inklings are around, or so I think. One lurks in the shadows, Inkzooka at the ready. Nice!

I am nearly blindsided by the Aerospray trying to cause us problems, and he nearly does. I cover his tracks before moving further. A long-range Disruptor throw hits someone, but they super-jump away before I get to them. Another inkling is super-jumping, a squidmate to me, and just as a green inkling is lurking. I stay nearby, to help provide a soft landing, before checking the corners for Inkzookas.

I almost think about hitting the flank myself, but as the Tower is going in the other direction a bit of sense prevails, and I go back to help the battle more directly. There's a bit of to-and-fro, more Inkzookas, and a deft step away from a Seeker I didn't see, but we start getting the Tower moving in the right direction again. Now I hit the flank, and apart from slinking neatly backwards past the Tower, I don't achieve too much.

I take the long route back, as I tend to do, and as the Tower isn't going forwards it turns out to be quite the indirect route to the middle of the Underpass. But I join the team, just in time to hide from another Inkzooka. I'm not quite sure how I avoid being splatted, but it's good that the Splattershot Pro's Inkzooka charges, as he moves back as I drop down, keeping me safe just long enough to slosh him the moment he pulls out the Inkzooka. Such a shame.

It looks like we're in the home stretch. The Tower is close to the goal, I'm close to the Tower, and my Bubbler has charged. I squid on to the Tower and pop the Bubbler, just in time to deflect a green assault. But to my chagrin, I'm pushed off the Tower, moments from victory! Thankfully, the Tower stays at ground level just long enough for me to squid back on, and I trundle to the goal with my squidmates. Woomy!

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