Rusty blasting in Tower Control (9-4, Grim Range Blaster)

2nd November 2017 – 7.00 am

Avoiding the obvious bombs lobbed on to the Tower and then bagging a double-splat is a good way to start the battle. I don't even mind that I'm splatted myself immediately. I don't think I've used a blaster for a while, so this may be as good as it gets. Thankfully, my shabby aim isn't punished quickly, and I get a couple of sighters before hitting my next mark, as my squidmates push the Tower in to a good lead. I was a bit unlucky in not getting a direct hit on that jumping squid, though.

We manage to continue the push, moving the Tower ahead of a dastardly Killer Wail just in time, after which I hop off to put my Burst Bombs to deadly close-range use. It takes a bit of finessing to keep the yellow inklings from pushing the Tower backwards, but staying out of the watchful laser sights of two chargers turns out to be rather more difficult.

I take the right-hand corridor back, inkling a new path, looking to create a flanking path if the yellow team push the Tower. They're not yet, so I continue and head up around the side of the yellow team. But they're moving forwards and there's no one to shoot. I pause to see where some targets are, and, well, maybe 'pounce' is the wrong word, as I splat no one and get splatted, but I throw some ink around from behind that gets some attention.

I take the left-hand route next, with the Tower coming towards us, and I help a little with the range of my Grim Range Blaster. But the charger who spies me sets up her own little trap, and when I drop down to push our turf control forwards, she comes out from hiding to splat me from behind. Nice work, inkling. But I come back with immediate, and some would say lucky, revenge.

I help clear the Tower, not with splats but by the threat of splats, and hold my own against the other Blaster, before finally remembering my Killer Wail Special. I even get a splat with it! I do a bit less well when an inkling and a super-jumper almost drop in my lap, but I probably assist my squidmates a bit, at least.

We finally get the Tower moving again. I get right in the thick of things, and although I don't get splats directly, I'm pretty sure my ink contributes here and there. And despite being pushed back in to our own half for the past while, this push becomes the final push. My squidmates ride the Tower straight to the goal. Woomy!

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