Frantic Rainmaker (19-5, Tri-slosher)

3rd November 2017 – 7.00 pm

A steady, conscientious start to the battle, inking some turf, building some charge, watching the map. I intercept a flanking orange inkling, and avoid rushing in to the bulging orange Rainmaker's shield. Squidding up to help grab the reset Rainmaker ourselves, I kinda hope my squidmate will follow me down the side route, but he chooses a different way. I weigh my options, and continue ahead to surprise from behind. Or squid in to a Seeker. Either way.

Super-jumping back as control is handed over is risky, but it works out, and I help trying to stop the orange push. I block one route, but lose track of the Rainmaker behind the wall. I think I catch up, but the carrier shows a rather swift pair of heels, and my Disruptor misses. I keep my focus, orange ink catching me up, and get the splat, turning on my own pursuers popping my Bubbler to keep me safe. Nice!

The splatting continues, although the quad evades me like the inklings evade my Disruptors, but the final splat of the sequence shows maturity on my part, as I wait out the Splattershot Jr.'s Bubbler like a pro. Or maybe advanced amateur. Time to support the Rainmaker! Once I find it, that is. My squidmate has made a good move forwards, but time is running out. I try to keep the path clear, but we both get hit from below.

I come back tidying up some orange mess, and tracking the Rainmaker. I feel safe keeping my distance and waiting for it to come to me, until an orange Inkstrike lands behind me, and a Splat Bomb rolls next to me. But my Bubbler chargers, I have Disruptors, and my squidmates are around. We splat the Rainmaker, its support, and grab the Rainmaker back for ourselves in short order.

I push ahead, but now the Rainmaker decides to take the other route. So it goes, and when I realise this I push past the podium, inking as I go, to provide flanking support again, more successfully this time. But where's our squidmate with the Rainmaker? No idea. I think he didn't realise he had support ahead clearing the path, and instead headed around the long way. Never mind

Here he comes, as I jink here and there to try to bamboozle anyone trying to track me. Maybe it works, maybe no one was bothering to track me, and I come up from behind again to get a decent splat that is also a lucky double-splat, but not quite quickly enough to stop the Inkstrike that stops our Rainmaker. I try to push back the orange presence, but I know that my lack of range will hurt me where I am. Little do I know that turning around to find a different route will hurt me more, as I walk in to a Suction Bomb.

It's almost good that I'm splatted, as some sneaky orange inkling has inked a path all the way to the podium. Best clear that up, in case we lose our lead very quickly, and get back on defence. The path the Rainmaker is using is obvious, and easily stopped. Sadly, so am I when I run out of ink. What a time for that to happen, as I can't protect the Rainmaker, and it is dropped along the corridor to our base!

Some frantic defence is required. I hit something with a Disruptor, and slosh whatever moves, but I only trade splats with one inkling. Another orange inkling pops a Bubbler, sharing it with another, but thankfully that doesn't quite shield the Rainmaker enough to prevent my squidmates splatting him only just short of taking the lead.

We're not quite out of trouble yet, but our team converges on the Rainmaker to burst the shield as orange inklings come super-jumping in, and our combined ink overwhelms their individual efforts. The Rainmaker is moved from danger, and we don't quite get it over the ramp and out of our territory, we do enough at this late stage in the battle to ensure our victory. Woomy!

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