Hits and misses in Splat Zones (12-5, Fresh Squiffer)

4th November 2017 – 7.00 am

That's a nice early splat, with good and stable aiming, which bolsters my confidence. I miss the next shot, but it was against a flying squid, and I got close enough that I'm still impressed with myself. Our early lead is lost, but it's still really early and that's not a problem. I just ink a new path and start Squiffing in to the Splat Zones.

Spotting a Sprinkler gives me a good sighter to squiff at, and although my first shot at the nimble N-ZAP goes wide, she doesn't have many options where to go, and I splat her in a puddle, right before we re-take the lead. I miss the Dynamo Roller a couple of times, but I keep my cool, regain some ink, and get the splat from a different angle. If only I spotted that Seeker.

Everything's going well, so I super-jump back a little behind the lines. But thing's aren't going quite so well that I can land there safely. So it goes. Despite the Splat Zones being teal and not purple, I don't rush to ink them, risking a silly splatting. I take my time, ink around the edges. Dropping down to avoid a Killer Wail gives a purple inkling a target. I squiff back, getting a good hit, but with not quite enough ink for the splat. No problem, not with my Kraken charging, and I hide in the ink, waiting to see if I need the Kraken. Not yet!

With the Kraken ready, though, I head in to the Splat Zones. I see a target and transform, not minding the chase either, as it just inks more of the Splat Zones purple. When the teal inklings are escorted out of the Splat Zones we recapture them, and we revert to defending. I see the opposite platform is a hotbed of super-jumping, and launch a Suction Bomb that way, which bags me an exquisite double-splat when I splat a squid mid-air jumping away from the Suction Bomb just as the super-jumping Dynamo Roller lands on it. Nice!

It's a shame I don't have the range to hit the Inkstriker. I jump down to avoid the Inkstrike itself, and get a wonderful little splat which is almost the opposite of the double-splat: a partial Squiffer hit plus a Suction Bomb on the same inkling. The Splat Zones become safe again, for which I am thankful, and I wait and watch for where to defend. I hit one Sprinkler, amazingly miss a second, and although my defensive manoeuvres after that are pretty good, the slightest of misses gets me splatted. So it goes.

Coming back gets me a very well-timed splat on the Dynamo Roller in full backswing, and I thank my squidmate for taking the hit from the N-ZAP as I get some revenge for a my last splatting. The Splat Zones need some attention, which I try to give them. My Kraken lets me be daring and chase an inkling, but I again don't stop the Inkstrike, which I then squid in to after my Kraken expires, but I still somehow survive long enough to help recover the Splat Zones, right before the Dynamo Roller gets his own revenge.

With less than a minute to go, the teal team get quite aggressive with turf control. But we have the lead, so I ignore their presence on our side of the Mall and simply head around the side to the Splat Zones. I can see two more inklings press high, which would bode well for my sneakiness if the Dynamo Roller hadn't spied me. But I get my Kraken, which gives me the confidence to drop down in to the teal Splat Zones and roll around a bit.

My Kraken doesn't find the Dynamo Roller, which is a shame, but with ten seconds to go and only needing to neutralise the Splat Zones, I am encouraged to just poke around with my Squiffer. And there's the Dynamo Roller, squiffed. That'll do. But just for luck, I squiff another inkling hoping for an extra-time win. Not on my watch. That's a really smooth finish. Woomy!

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