Steaming ahead of the Rainmaker (8-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

4th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

Camp Triggerfish Rainmaker has a great opening move for the Carbon Roller Deco. Release one Seeker to start, a second as soon as your ink tank can, and you'll reach the Rainmaker with one Seeker hitting its shield, a second ready to go, and probably before the other team.

I grab the Rainmaker and run, but with resistance around the corner. Blasting with the Rainmaker can be a good way to clear the path ahead, but it also takes time, which the orange inklings use to get in to position. I still somehow manage to sneak past a Kraken and on to the webbing, where it can't follow me, but the inklings can.

Super-jumping back seems safe, particularly as the Rainmaker bursts with teal ink far ahead. Circumstances can change so quickly, though, and I see an orange inkling heading towards me landing spot. Thankfully, I have just enough time to turn and land flicking, which saves me and our E-litre 3K. A Killer Wail immediately afterwards leaves me little time to react, but hiding from the Wail lets me pause for a moment.

I decide to head down the main corridor, to try to flank the orange team, and although I decide on a little caution the orange inklings are wise to it. Even so, not only are they not heading towards the moving Rainmaker, the Carbon Roller the splats me jumps in to the water whilst flicking. Nice!

Our E-litre 3K is providing a stable super-jumping point for a bit of defence. I splat the Carbon Roller away, and a light-footed inkling dodges a bit too quickly and walks back in to a Seeker that wasn't going his way. Heading towards the Rainmaker to defend turns in to an attack, and I make the most of my mistake in falling off the ledge to protect the underneath of the webbing for a bit.

I don't stay under the webbing for long. I have a Seeker Rush charged, and the route to the podium is straight. I hop up, get in front of the Rainmaker, and start launching Seekers. The Seeker Rush in this position is formidable, but I don't forget the obvious hiding positions around the corners, which deserve a flick or two in passing.

The Seeker Rush did its job, and the path to the podium is inked and clear of orange inklings. My squidmate dunks the Rainmaker soon after, for a great knockout victory. Woomy!

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