Messy Rainmaker (15-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

5th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

A mediocre start for me, as I'm trying to work out what to do with my Carbon Roller Deco and its Seekers in Bluefin Depot. I'm sure the Carbon Roller works, but maybe not the Seekers. Perhaps the standard Carbon Roller would be better, with Burst Bombs and Inkzooka. But here we go. I hold back because of my uncertainty, but that lets me track inklings and the Rainmaker, which helps.

Moving with the Rainmaker lets me provide close support too, and I make sure to keep up with my squidmate with the Rainmaker, although the teal team are on top of things. Not surprising, as they are above us. I am caught between inklings when I accidentally activate my Seeker Rush, but it seems it would have gone to waste anyway.

My return is short-lived, but my next attempt along the same route goes better, with the Rainmaker hopping backwards in to my Roller, not quite expecting anyone to be there. My Seeker Rush almost comes in handy too, and this time I leave the Rainmaker to my squidmates, as I head around to flank. I generally do well that way. And maybe the Rainmaker doesn't get far, but I get a fun splat on the Heavy Splatling.

I go ahead of the Rainmaker now, but hold back when the teal team feel like they're around the corner. My squidmate with the Rainmaker doesn't get the same feeling, but does get splatted. I avenge him immediately, with a nifyt double-splat, and squeeze past the Rainmaker before flopping ineffectually, in a bid to get up the wall.

I do a flop when teal ink bursts behind. A squidmate has splatted that inkling, but rather than do another u-turn I keep heading that way to again attempt to hit the teal team from an unexpected angle. The Splatling certainly wasn't expecting me, about as much as I wasn't expecting to activate my Seeker Rush, and my discombobulation is more apparent when I miss the splat immediately.

I stay unsplatted, though, and even if the Rainmaker is dropped, it is dropped in a good place. Perhaps this time I should have looked ahead and let my squidmates continue their control of the Rainmaker. Super-jumping back was almost a mistake, but the Heavy Splatling made a bigger mistake with his timing, letting me squid on. A Seeker does its job, and even though my ink-resistant shoes aren't quite resistant enough to let me walk out of the Killer Wail, the Roller would have got me anyway.

I stop the Rainmaker with a Seeker, as the Rainmaker stops me, and another Seeker finds its target as I return. But I can't just sit away from the action. I drop down and move forwards, almost squishing the inkling releasing the Killer Wail. I get the splat anyway, but it seems the rest of the teal team are returning at just this moment, and I'm splatted again.

The battle enters extra time, but our lead is healthy and the Rainmaker on the other side of the Depot. I hold back, hiding behind a wall that may not protect me against the Rainmaker, but there's not much else that needs to be done. I splat an inkling hoping to ink a path, and watch as the Rainmaker accidentally falls in to the water, ending the battle. That was a bit messy, but good fun!

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