Slow to the podium in Rainmaker (9-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

5th November 2017 – 7.00 am

No green inklings are splatted when the Rainmaker's shield bursts, so it's probably worth hanging back for now. To prove it, I splat the green Rainmaker carrier pretty easily. I move up and get two more splats quickly, although one of them is me, slipping in to the drink.

I head back around the side, in case the green team are coming this way, but they aren't. A squidmate has the Rainmaker, which is good, and what's also good is that I am in a flanking position, and helping to clear the path. It all looks very clear indeed as I launch a Seeker or two down the main corridor, and that makes me wonder what our squidmate is waiting for to move the Rainmaker. But he goes eventually.

The Rainmaker doesn't move down the inked path, but the side. Never mind, maybe I can support from the flank again. Or get splatted quickly. But I return, and look to defend the green Rainmaker push. I get distracted pretty easily by the E-litre 3K blocking our path, but that gets me some revenge for my last splatting, and some satisfaction from approaching and splatting the E-litre 3K with my Carbon Roller.

A Seeker Rush charges, which is a really good time to support the Rainmaker directly, so I head across the bridge to where my squimdate is being chased from behind, but too late to save him. Even so, the Seekers are good against the Rainmaker's shield, if I can stop them going for inklings. I can, and have Seekers to spare, getting me a handy extra splat.

I grab the Rainmaker, sensing an opportunity, but once again fail to ink the floodgate with it sufficiently for me to squid to the top, and then falling down when I finally get up there. At least my squidmates have my back, so that I'm not splatted.

I manage to time a Rainmaker blast really well to clear one inkling out of my way, and an Inkstrike flies in on top of the podium to ensure me that path to the goal is clear. Just a bit more ink is needed, and I dunk the Rainmaker for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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