Splatling around the Splat Zones (11-6, Zink Mini Splatling)

6th November 2017 – 7.00 am

I've not played with the Mini Splatling for a while, and not really played it much at all, but on a whim I'm bringing it out for some Splat Zones. A bit of Run Speed seems like a good idea, as does hanging back and inking, as I prove when I push forwards optimistically and get caught up in a Suction Bomb Rush.

The purple team look to be pushing past the Splat Zones, so I ignore the main route back and look to bypass any threats. A bit of tactical sense, and a Bubbler, keeps me safe, but ink from behind stops me concentrating on the Splat Zones. I deal with the Splatterscope well, but not well enough not to squid in to his Splat Bomb.

Oh, a Beakon. I probably could have jumped to that. Never mind. I drop in to the middle of another Suction Bomb Rush, and do well to survive, thanks to my shoes. I even turn the situation around, my Bubbler obviously helping, but soon find myself pinned back by sloshing and charging. I don't think a better-aimed Disruptor would have helped either.

Oh, right, the Beakon. Next time. And more trouble as I drop down. But Krakens aren't too much of a bother from that distance. Besides, I know a few manoeuvres. Slinking back in to the Splat Zones lands a super-jumper in the path I'm inking anyway, thanks for the easy splat, and I get enough distance and turn to catch the Kraken transforming back. That went well. We even capture the Splat Zones.

The splats start coming as the ink keeps flowing, but the confidence encourages me to get a bit close to the purple team. Being splatted lets me jump to a Beakon at last. It gets me in to a pretty good position, which the Splatterscope tries to clear me out of, but I can narrow the angle to draw him out. Moving back to the Splat Zones finds more opportunity and charges my Bubbler, and with the purple inklings out of the way we get our counter started again.

Sadly, I just about run out of charge when engaging the Splash-o-matic. I seem to have a tendency to panic a little when in close range and my current charge runs out. Hopefully that will be get better with experience. My next super-jump to a Beakon doesn't land me where I expect, but I roll with it, and try to keep the turf safe for an incoming squidmate, which I mostly do, but at my own expense. Maybe I should have concentrated on the Splat Zones, which turn purple again.

I come back to see a nice telltale laser sight, and drop down to splat instead of be splatted, and dash an inking path through the Splat Zones to keep safe as ink tickles my heels. The battle timer counts down as we regain control of the Splat Zones, but with a hefty buffer to work through before we can get those few points we need for victory. Time for some full defence!

I get an excellent Disruptor hit to slow down the Brush, and push up to splat the Slosher moments later. I pop my Bubbler to refill my tank and stay safe, thinking we're close to victory than we are, but all still looks positive. Circumstances can change quickly, though. I push up, Splat Zones yellow, but turn back as I hear bombs flying in. Before I can do anything else, a squidmate is splatted in the Splat Zones, his purple puddle securing the victory for the purple team. Good game, everyone!

My first battle back with the Mini Splatling goes pretty well! The ones afterwards, not quite so well. But that's okay.

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