Working as a team in the Splat Zones (11-1, Zink Mini Splatling)

6th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

I stick to the edges and use the reasonable range of the Mini Splatling to lay down some ink. An early Echolocator shows me where the teal team are, but I still can't throw Disruptors reliably. Never mind, at least the Tri-slosher doesn't have a Bubbler ready when she comes close, unlike me, and a bit of jostling gets me two splats up nice and early. Good thing too, as it looks like the rest of my team have been splatted back to base.

I try to keep things tidy as my squidmates return, as well as keeping the ink flowing in to the Splat Zones. I have to run from a Kraken, but I have plenty of time to do so, and by then my squidmates are back and taking control. Nice! Point Sensors are flying everywhere, and I try to back them up with Disruptors, but not very well. That's okay, as my ink is helping splat the teal team, particularly when cornered and super-jumping in to corners.

I can take a quick breather, and check my surroundings. As the teal team come back I push up a bit, my Bubbler countering the Tri-slosher's, and thankfully I don't chase the splat pointlessly. Turning back gets me a free splat from another super-jumper anyway, followed by the returning Tri-slosher. But just as we are a few points away from a quick victory, we lose control of the Splat Zones for a second, giving us a buffer to work through. So it goes, and maybe that gives us more time for splatting.

Another super-jumper evades me because of the angles, and although our turf control lets us move up aggressively, I forget to watch my flank when chasing a splat. Still, it's my first splatting of the battle, which is a pretty impressive streak. We lose control of the Splat Zones for a split-second again, and our buffer spikes once more. But our turf control remains excellent, and I even survive a close call with a Kraken.

The Splat Zones remain orange, we remain cool, and the knockout victory is ours. Woomy! This has to be my best battle with the Mini Splatling yet.

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