Sloshed to dust in Tower Control (7-0, Tri-slosher)

7th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

Zoom, down the middle, and up around the side, aiming to find and splat the E-litre 3K. I run in to the Dual Squelcher, but don't let him stop me, and even splat him so hard he disappears in a puff of dust. That's bad news for the yellow team, but good news for us, and it puts me in to an even more aggressive mood.

I pause to look for the E-litre 3K, and spot him on the perch nearest me. He's easy to splat, not realising I'm here. I push forwards, trusting my squidmates to get the Tower sooner rather than later, and skirmish on the front lines for a bit, using the landscape to my advantage.

Poor E-litre 3K and Splattershot probably feel a bit picked on. I don't hang around too close to the base for long as a result, and turning back finds the Squiffer trying to stop my squidmates. He doesn't see me coming either.

I squid back up to the top of the Mall, finding the E-litre 3K again, and the Squiffer behind him. There's not much more to do, given the lack of a full team of yellow inklings, and I simply save my charged Bubbler for the last few metres the Tower needs to move.

I nearly get pinged off the Tower, but scramble back on to be at the goal for the victory. It's not particularly noteworthy to beat a team who are an inkling down, but I like seeing my ruthless side occassionally.

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