Splats in the Dome in Tower Control (24-8, Tri-slosher)

7th November 2017 – 7.00 am

A splatty start, with a good, opportunistic Disruptor. It's a shame it doesn't catch both inklings, but I make a good choice for which to aim for to start with. I keep up my good sloshing until I stay just out of range of the Heavy Splatling. As is my wont, I head the long way back, which is probably a mistake at this point of the battle, and the teal team get a significant lead, no matter how many splats I manage to get to stop them.

My splatting continues as we vie for control of the Tower in the middle of the map, and although I get a bit lucky here and there, my manoeuvring between sloshes must help me stay safe. All the while, the Tower is being pushed forwards. I work the angles, trying to prevent us getting flanked or inked from above, but push forwards aggressively when my Bubbler charges. A Splat Bomb Rush is neutralised, but the Squiffer is superbly calm with his timing.

We take the lead! Maybe I do know what I'm doing sometimes. Not always when approaching Squiffers, though. I'm blasted trying to stop the next two teal Tower pushes, but on different sides of the Dome, which I do well to avoid during my next extended tussle with the teal team. I come out with a handful of splats after a rather hectic period, and the tower is reset to the centre of the Dome.

It looks like a good time to hit the flank, with a squidmate on the Tower, but she's soon splatted off. Never mind, I get a clean splat on the Squiffer this time, and continue around to hit the Tower from behind, before being hit from behind myself. I think I missed seeing her on the grate above me. So it goes.

With only seconds to go, I make an idiot of myself in trying to squid up a wall, before getting caught by an Ink Mine surrounded by the wrong colour ink. I think it doesn't matter, as time is up, but the teal team are on the Tower. We are in to extra time. I'm not going to do anything impetuous, so I head up to view the Tower, and drop down to come around its flank. I splat the Luna Blaster, and ink the Tower from behind, clearing it of teal inklings, before hopping on to end the battle. Woomy!

But the battle doesn't end. A Kraken appears and transforms in to a teal inkling just in front of me, keeping the Tower contested. He starts jumping like a lunatic, but with a squidmate for help, we get that loon off the Tower. Now the battle is won. Woomy!

It didn't feel like twenty-four splats, but that's quite a total, and probably my highest. The Tri-slosher can be really good for accumulating splats. That's good, because I hadn't changed my t-shirt since playing Rainmaker, and it wasn't doing much for me in Tower Control.

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