Sloshing in the Mall in Tower Control (13-6, Tri-slosher)

8th November 2017 – 7.00 am

My speed lets me get a neat double-splat to start the battle, but I can hear another inkling below me. I think I'm being smart to dive over the top away from the ramp, but I only jump in to a bomb. Our E-litre 3K is already a rock for super-jumping too, but getting caught up in her battle gets me splatted by a prepared Splattershot Jr. I ink a new path back this time, so that I live longer.

All looks clear at the corner, but not for long. The Tower turns orange and heads my way. Not a problem for the bucket. I wait a second to see if any inklings will chase it, and hop on to the Tower when it looks clear, although that was as much out of avoiding being pushed in to the water as anything. I think I do well to avoid the Brush, but I get inky enough that it doesn't take much to splat me afterwards. I need better Bubbler reactions.

Super-jumping back gets me in to the orange corridor, and I move up planning to cross the Mall and flank the orange team. But they're pushing the Tower, and no one's here, so I head straight back down the centre. That will still be a little surprise, once their Bubblers wear off. I slip back on to the Tower and start pushing it in the right direction again. I do quite well battling for control, but a Splat Bomb rolled to the Tower catches me just right. So it goes.

There's a rare occurrence of my dodging a Splat Bomb next. That makes up for the Brush running faster than my bucket, in his pumped up kicks, and dropping down to find a splat only gets a trade. It'll do, I suppose. I come back to tidy up after the Brush, try to suppress an inkling I can't see, and squid forwards to support the Tower, which involves a great display of my Bubbler reflexes.

Whilst I'm in orange territory with an active Bubbler, I may as well ink the turf to try to frustrate them. That perhaps predictably gets me involved in a little personal battle. I try to use the landscape to my advantage, hoping to be a little less predictable, but I don't notice at the time that the side of the ramp gets inked, which could lead me up at an unexpected angle under the grate. Never mind, I get the splat. Nice!

Sort of nice. The Tower was orange-controlled most of this time. At least my squidmates were more focussed on the objective. I head back to ensure all is under control, before heading down the side again, splatting an unseen squid out of my way by accident as I do. I catch up to get a splat from behind, popping a tactical Bubbler just in case, and drop down to support the Tower.

Ah, the Tower's doing fine. I hop off again and head up to the top of the Mall, where I see no one. Or, at least, no one in time. An orange inkling and me hop past each other, and I chase the splat briefly before remembering the Tower. I turn back, get some height, and Disrupt and slosh to clear the Tower. As the seconds tick down, it looks like the battle is won.

Almost! There's time for one last splatting, but that splatting is of me. That's okay, my being on the Tower counted right to the end. Woomy!

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