Trying not to chase splats in Tower Control (15-6, Tri-slosher)

8th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

No splats for my initial rush, and leaping in to the air probably wasn't a wise decision. I make a good comeback, at least, saving one squid for later with a Disruptor, as my Bubbler charges to keep me safe. And I even hop on to the Tower to recover a lead that's too early to make much difference. We lose the lead almost immediately, naturally, but I dodge inky pressure to clear the Tower again before it gets too far.

I am tempted to head down the corridor and flank the blue team, but some ink chases me, which makes me think that perhaps I should stick around and try to make a difference here. I don't think I directly contribute to my squidmates re-taking the lead, but I push ahead and apply some pressure that helps continue the push a little further.

The blue team gain control of the Tower again, but despite my attempts it stays just ahead of my leaps. That is, until it reaches the water. It's a bold move to try to board the Tower over the water whilst it's moving, and bolder still to pop my Bubbler over water on a contested Tower. And still I come out on top! For a moment.

I return triumphantly again, not fooling for an empty Tower, and hiding on the flank for two easy splats. Getting back on the Tower proves more difficult, so I give up and provide support for a more coordinated squidmate. That doesn't go too well. Returning down the centre seems quick, but dangerous when I get closer. I hold back, and watch my squidmates do a good job, lobbing a Disruptor to help.

I finally head down the corridor to flank the blue team, so of course they wrest control of the Tower back immediately. But I don't panic, and just see what's happening. I spy targets, and make a move, and rather botch it, considering my position, the concentration of inklings, and having a Bubbler. Ah well, so it goes. It's fun to watch the N-ZAP run past the green-controlled Tower, though.

I ignore the infiltrating N-ZAP and super-jump past him, tidying up a bit of his mess, and, even if I say so myself, expertly throwing a Disruptor to help clear the Tower. I hop and and start moving it myself, watching an unfortunate squidmate enthusiastically join me, only to squid off the other side and in to the water. You wouldn't catch me doing that! Not for a few more seconds, anyway.

I'd be more concerned about the blue ink around our base if there was more of it, or less time left in the battle. As it is, it's a minor nuisance, and I head back to the centre of the Mall and adopt a defensive position. As I'm sucked in to what looks like a simple splat, I end up having to do a fancy flip, which turns out to set me up for an impressive quad-splat that clears the Tower and lets me hop on to end the battle.

That has got to be one of my most impressive battle-ending moments! I'm going to watch it again. Woomy!

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