Splats don't mean victory in Tower Control (6-5, Grim Range Blaster)

9th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Rapid Blaster beats my slow Grim Range Blaster, when boxes obscure the range. I should have stayed further back, I suppose. And already there's blue ink accumulating near our base. I take a cautious approach back, cautious enough to be out of range of the Roller heading to the Tower. But a neat Burst Bomb and blast splats her, and when the Tower comes our way my Killer Wail is ready to clear it of inklings.

I ride the Tower forwards, still being cautious but wanting to keep the push going, and get a fair distance, demolishing the blue team's early attempt. My bold super-jumping squidmates keep it going a bit further too, but the blue ink is overwhelming. I take the slow route back, though, and spy an intruder. I can't shake her, so I settle for clearing the Tower and squidding forwards, expertly squidding on to the Tower to start another push.

Ink flies from behind, which I manage to avoid to start with, but the blue inkling seems rather swift on his feet, which doesn't help with my already poor aim. It's disappointing to see he is not boosted by any kit either. But so it goes. Worse, however, is the Roller being a nuisance around our base. I try to be smart about it all, and would have got the splat if it hadn't been for the Kraken transformation, and instead squid ahead to take care of the Tower. It's a shame I meet an Inkzooka.

Now it looks like we have the charger harassing our base too. No matter. A squidmate's Killer Wail clears the Tower, and I spy the Rapid Blaster trying to be a surprise on the perch. I think she needs some ink-resistant shoes. Meanwhile, as the Roller, and maybe charger, continue to look for splats, I'm pushing the Tower forwards, and support comes my way too. Yes, that deserves a 'Nice!'

A Killer Wail doesn't splat anyone, but does keep them away. My blasting isn't quite hitting its mark just yet, and the Rapid Blaster splats me off the Tower after my squidmate has gone, but my last shot hits her full in the face too. That'll do! On top of that, a super-jumping squidmate lands on the Tower, before the blue team get close to it, and rides it the last few metres to the goal. Woomy!

Phew, that's a nice lot of splats, blue team. Shame about the knockout loss, I suppose. There's probably a lesson here.

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