Teamwork in Tower Control (8-4, Grim Range Blaster)

9th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

My caution at the start of the battle pays off nicely. I get a splat instead of rushing in to being splatted, I spot the super-jumper coming in and wait for them to hop on to the Tower instead of being the target, and I clear the Tower and splat the Dynamo Roller away to get our first push started. If only I had seen that third inkling, though.

I am perhaps a bit too cautious in stopping the purple push, waiting for the Tower to come in to my range instead of hitting the side, but that was probably the right choice. My Killer Wail is nicely aimed too, which lets my squidmates ride the Tower with some breathing room, and I add to that with a nice combination of Burst Bomb and Blaster shot. I'm not going to beat that Aerospray, though, not without much better aim. He does it for me this time, at least.

The Aerospray makes a reappearance, sneaking under the Dynamo Rollers flick for an effective surprise, after which I show a good example of my poor aiming. I do a bit better behind a Killer Wail, but apparently not even three indirect hits is good enough against the Aerospray, which is disappointing. I mind less when my squidmates take the lead.

The Tower trundles back, and I decide to hop on to keep our progress going. It's not my best decision, trying to jump on to the Tower with the other team's ink on the side facing me, whilst over water, but a squidmate is in the right place at the right time to make everything look super smooth. Nice!

The support continues as I ride the Tower forwards, increasing our lead. I help out with a direct hit, just in time, to keep us moving. A squidmate joins me on the Tower, as the other two skirmish around the edges, keeping our path free from inky threats. The Kraken is particularly effective.

In the end, it's one smooth movement from that leap of faith to the goal, with three of us crammed on to the Tower to celebrate our victory. Nice teamwork everyone! Woomy!

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