Pushing the Rainmaker forwards (5-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th November 2017 – 7.00 am

I don't recklessly grab the Rainmaker immediately, and keep checking to see if we're about to be flanked. It's a shame I miss the green ink in the background, but ultimately I don't think it matters. I also don't purposely pick up the Rainmaker, managing to inexpertly squid through the grate. I take a short pause, to make it seem like I meant to do that, before squidding back up and making a dash with the Rainmaker.

The Dynamo Roller is effective at stopping me at first. For the second push, I am just trying to get us a good early lead, which I would say I do. It's not safe to super-jump back after that, so I take the long way back and wait for the Rainmaker come to me. It's pretty effective. I feel sorry for my squidmate trapped behind the Rainmaker shield, though. I'm stopped this time by a nicely roller Splat Bomb.

I think I still don't have more than that one splat, but that's okay. I've done well moving and stopping the Rainmaker. I continue that trend with not quite a dive bomb, but a measured jump and splat. I imagine it was still a surprise. I tidy up the Rainmaker blast, to prevent easy movement, and carry the Rainmaker back in the right direction. I get another splat, but run in to another Splat Bomb. So it goes.

There looks to be a safe option to super-jump too, and it lands me nicely in the corridor. I let a squidmate grab the Rainmaker this time, as I want to try to get that Splat Bomber out of the way. She's already gone, though, which is fine by me, as it lets me slink around the back to surprise a couple of green inklings, keeping us in a positive position.

I return to what looks like a squidmate about to finish the battle, but she's swamped by green ink, only a few steps from the podium. But we're close! On top of that, one Bubblered inkling drops over my head and ignores me, and another runs past, also ignoring me. And ignoring the Rainmaker, sate next to their podium. More fool them.

My Seeker gave me an early advantage against the Rainmaker's shield, and with less pressure from the green inklings looking for splats, I can get close enough for all my ink to hit the shield. As the bursting shield sprays purple ink everywhere, and I'm right next to it, getting the dunk is almost trivial.

Not many splats, but some good Rainmaker action, topped off with the dunking, and in my favourite location. Woomy!

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