Trying to turn the Splat Zones around (15-10, Zink Mini Splatling)

11th November 2017 – 7.00 am

It's a rough start to the battle. I don't do myself any favours by dashing in to the line of fire in the middle of the Splat Zones, helping them turn orange, and at least I get a couple of splats to ease some of the pressure before I begin to get splatted what seems like relentlessly. The cheesy quick-respawn Tri-slosher, the Disrupted Aerospray, the edge of an Inkstrike. But then I get to show off my moves.

I use my own Disruptors well, my Bubbler charges at opportune moments, and my movement around the Splat Zones and in anticipating the orange inklings is excellent. It comes to an end when I accidentally run in to the Tri-slosher and Hydra Splatling together, but it was bound to happen eventually. And the Splat Zones have been teal for a good time.

The orange team are canny, though. They have inked beyond the Splat Zones, and my squidmates don't seem to want to tidy up. We should, as it speeds our movement back to the Splat Zones, and prevents them squidding behind us easily. I clear up a bit, but miss a splat on the slippery Splattershot Jr, before trading splats with the Aerospray. At least my puddle is mostly out of the Splat Zones.

I come back and bag three more splats. Two save a squidmate in the process, and the third splats the Hydra Splatling, taking pressure off the Splat Zones. It helps a bit, but it's not until we're all back and inking the Splat Zones that we are back in control. I am feeling more positive about being able to mount a comeback. If only we had a bit more time.

A couple more splats slows the flow of orange ink, and I try to make sure I keep out of the Splat Zones when in trouble. The battle enters extra time as we stay in control, and again I make sure I move away from the Splat Zones when I look to be in trouble. It helps, but only in delaying the orange team victory.

Considering the dominating start that the orange team made, I think we did pretty well in that battle. And despite the number of splattings I suffered, I managed to splat even more.

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