Sloshing the Splat Zones like a ninja (8-1, Tri-slosher)

12th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

Hammerhead Bridge is a bit busy with obstacles. I don't consider there to be any great reasons to dash ahead, so I take it slow and steady, building a path, and some charge for my Bubbler. I then use cover sensibly, and try not to give away my intentions with my sloshing. I think I do quite well, particularly when turning away from the gaze of the E-litre 3K.

I approach the E-litre 3K head-on instead, Bubbler charged. Maybe she could have super-jumped away, but I rarely remember to do that either. Now for the Splat Zones, which are currently yellow. I get lucky as the Splatling's charge runs out, and with the timing of the super-jumper, but we ink the Splat Zones as a team.

I head for the flank now, but again am cautious about being spotted. I ink the wall as a diversion and head around the side, and although I am spotted and tracked by the E-litre 3K, my Bubbler keeps me safe to start with, and hiding behind the wall works wonders after that. Being hit with an Echolocator doesn't make me want to find that active Inkzooka, though.

I get my comeuppance when trying to be clever sitting on a wall. It was the wrong place to do that, but a nice Killer Wail. I head back down the side route, which lets me drop down through the grate without being seen, which I like, and show the importance of covering your opponents' ink on your side of the Splat Zones. I get to move freely, and a couple of splats because of that.

And that is it. Once we took control of the Splat Zones, we stayed in control of the Splat Zones. And I got some nice splats out of the battle. Woomy!

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