Danger is my middle name, in Splat Zones (10-2, Tri-slosher)

13th November 2017 – 7.00 am

My little bucket can reach quite far from the top of the Depot, managing to cover an entire quadrant of the Splat Zones. That's not enough, though, so when I spot a target I dive down, Disrupt, and get a bit lucky not to be splatted. I run with that luck, and get messy with the green inklings, happy to come out the other side just a bit inky.

Rather than stick around the Splat Zones, I head back up to the top. This lets me ink the wall our colour, not that it was green at the moment, and gain some perspective. It makes a change from rushing to the other side of the Depot and getting splatted quickly. More opportunity comes to me, though, when the green team return.

I push forwards with a charged Bubbler, and, boy, do I need it. I find myself in the middle of a Suction Bomb Rush, and although my Bubbler saves me, I am being pushed back effectively. My Bubbler doesn't last forever either, so I try a different tack. Ducking back and gaining some height is apparently not expected, and I splat the Killer Wail, Inkzooka, and turn to catch an ambusher. From there, I calmly recapture the Splat Zones, wondering where my squidmates are.

Back up the top, and looking for opportunity. It's mostly covering green ink, which is fine. I probably could have inked over my splatted squidmate a bit earlier, though, and we lose the Splat Zones briefly. My Bubbler helps us neutralise them, but doesn't last quite long enough to keep me entirely safe.

I return to throw caution to the wind, and am straight across the Splat Zones and on the green side of the Depot. Have I not learnt from my successful start? Nope, seems not. Thankfully it doesn't affect our score, and gives me an opportunity to wait for an ambush splat. That goes well.

A few seconds later, the battle is won. Sadly, looking back, it seems that the green team lost an inkling fairly early, which explains their lack of presence. That's a shame.

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