Stumbling to the podium in Rainmaker (3-1, Fresh Squiffer)

14th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

Follow that Seeker! Our speed doesn't help us burst the Rainmaker's shield, but it doesn't seem to matter that the green team do it. Nor does it seem to matter much that I can't hit anything early on. I give up on splatting inklings, and go for the open Rainmaker instead. I just need to work out what that seeking sound is.

A squidmate helpfully inks the wall for me, but I have to dodge back and away from the Rapid Blaster. Thankfully, a squidmate helps me out there too. If only I could repay them by actually getting up the wall. Maybe that delays helps, though. Or maybe it doesn't. It lines two inklings up, just right for a Rainmaker blast, but I'm too weighed down to dodge the Seeker this time. Still, if the Seeker didn't get me, the Inkzooka would have.

I super-jump back, as we seem to remain in a positive position, and pick up where I left off. My squidmates are there for some excellent support, splatting the Rapid Blaster and inking all the way up to the podium. It's a simple matter to squid under some green pressure from above, and dunk the Rainmaker for a quick victory. Woomy!

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