Not getting far with the Rainmaker (14-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

15th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

My previous battle gets me warmed up for this one, where I try to apply what worked. I get a couple of early splats, then head to where I can send my Seekers to ink and splat. Going in to the corner gets me cornered by the E-litre 3K, but I manage to get clear when he gets distracted. I can't get rid of him, though, so do my best to support the team, before backtracking to prevent a green-team push.

The Rainmaker is stopped, so I head back around to provide forward support, but it turns out to be a little early. Thankfully, my squidmates are on the ball and stop the push before they green team takes the lead, and I make it back to in time to follow the Rainmaker back to the other side. My Seeker Rush works well to try to maintain our possession, but even with a path inked, the green Suction Bomb Rush discourages me from making a grab for the Rainmaker.

Possession of the Rainmaker is a succession of blips, contested early and often. I look for a different route, to tip the balance, but the E-litre 3K spots me just before I cause mayhem. The Rainmaker comes back our way, is stopped, and is pushed forwards again, before I spot an opportunity to squid with it. I think maybe I increase our lead, but our early push was actually quite good.

Once more the Rainmaker is taken over the short-cut ledge, but this time I'm waiting and stop it. I try to sneak around the back again, but the Rainmaker doesn't go that way this time, and all I can manage is a circuit before I can be useful again. At least I catch up with the Rainmaker when it matters, trying to sneak past us from the middle.

From the splat-cam, it looks like the green team have plenty of ink to grab the Rainmaker again, and not a huge distance to go to sneak the lead and victory. But my squidmates are canny, and are simply waiting to splat the Rainmaker and claim the win for ourselves. Woomy!

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