Seekers for the Rainmaker (18-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

15th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Why am I looking up? I dunno. It's easily corrected, and I get on track immediately. It's a bit of a miss at the inkling right in front of me, but at least I don't get splatted instead, not even by the Rainmaker's shield bursting. I prefer splatting Inkzookas anyway. We grab the Rainmaker, lose it, and grab it again, so I press ahead. My flicking is pretty poor, but so is the Hero Replica's aim, and I live on to help burst the Rainmaker free once more. I get splatted in the process, but my Seekers avenge me immediately.

Super-jumping back looks like a good idea, and the Rainmaker is deep enough in green territory that I decide to hit the flank, to destroy a Beakon and hopefully appear from an unexpected angle. I'm not quite as quick to be immediately helpful, but the unexpected angle does work. The Rainmaker is dropped, but close enough to the green team taking the lead to be dangerous. To prove the point, the green team grab the Rainmaker, let me run in to its blast, and squid in to the lead. So it goes.

My squidmates take the Rainmaker away from our base, and I take the opportunity to do some tidying up. If the green team want to come back this way, they'll have to work for it. And it doesn't hurt to have a Seeker Rush charged. It comes in handy quickly, squelching the green ink hitting the Rainmaker's shield to burst it blue. I sneak an opportunity to gain a few more metres closer to the podium.

My next attempt to sneak around the back goes poorly. And the next. But maybe I help by distracting the green team a little, as my squidmates push the Rainmaker forwards once more, and I super-jump back to support them. I protect the rear to start with, before heading forwards at the right time to exact revenge. My squidmate made a good choice heading up that block too, as it puts the Rainmaker in a good position.

I move up to support, pausing for a bit of defence, and ink the way to the podium. Stirling work from the previous carrier almost hands us the lead, and my Seeker Rush looks like it will help guide the Rainmaker home. But the green team come back flinging ink everywhere, and all but me and one green inkling are left standing.

My Seeker Rush continues as the Rainmaker's shield reforms, and it only takes a couple of burst the shield immediately. My proximity and the explosion of blue ink leaves me the simplest of dunks to win us the battle. Woomy!

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