A second chance with the Rainmaker (12-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th November 2017 – 7.00 am

That Seeker does a good job at compensating for my lack of lightning reflexes. Flanking at the start doesn't go as planned, though, but it rarely does. Still, we seem to get the jump with the Rainmaker, even if my initial support does little more than put me back in to danger. So it goes.

At least I get lucky against the Kraken, as I try to hide on uninked turf. But things go awry again soon enough, when coming from behind the purple team is not as unexpected as I would have liked. I come back trying to take a different tack to the Rainmaker, so that we don't bunch up, and to catch purple inklings doing the same. No one appears, but I see one inkling holding back, probably to avoid the Rainmaker shield's burst. What he's actually doing is preparing an Inkzooka strike.

Coming back has my heading straight for another Inkzooka, but that does not concern me. I forge ahead, splat the Inkzooka, now carrying the Rainmaker, and a guard of his, before bursting the Rainmaker free again, getting another splat, and finding the fourth inkling with one Seeker out of a Rush. The Seekers also ink a path towards the podium, and a jink inside clears another inkling out of the way. Surely a dunking isn't far behind.

I'm not sure what our squidmate was waiting for. But it isn't always obvious when the way ahead is clear, and blasting the Rainmaker is a good feeling. We also have a massive lead, so it's all good. Super-jumping back seems safe enough, but the purple team are wily and do well to prevent us access to the Rainmaker. The manage to reset it back to the centre of the Port too.

To be honest, I don't realise the Rainmaker was reset and go looking for it. Not helpful in itself, but it distracts an inkling or two, and I manage to catch up with my smarter squidmates quickly enough. I get another timely Seeker Rush, which splats the Inkzooka out of the way this time, and another path ahead is inked. I hit the flank, just in case, and this time manage to prevent being splatted from the side.

We get a second shot at dunking the Rainmaker, and our squidmate is not going to squander it. The way up to the podium is inked, and he squids up to dunk the Rainmaker for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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