Controlling the Splat Zones (4-1, Zink Mini Splatling)

17th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Teamwork gets us down our flank fairly smoothly and, with no purple ink to the side, I start sending ink towards the Splat Zones. One inkling gets nicely in my line-of-fire, but another appears from my flank, probably having gone the long way around. It's a good move, which flusters me a little, but a Disruptor lets me at least trade splats.

I head back to where my squidmates seem to be nicely in control, and push to the edge of the Splat Zones and send ink forwards, to make it difficult for the purple team to return. Having done that, I hit the corridor, to stop them sneaking this way, and use a Disruptor again to catch my previous splatter, jinking to avoid the trade this time.

I help keep the Splat Zones green for a while, half by pushing the purple team back, half by keeping the Splat Zones inked. Both are good tactics, but avoiding losing control prevents gaining a buffer to work through. I use my Disruptors to suppress the purple team, and my Bubbler to keep me safe briefly.

An Inkstrike lets me squid close to a perch to splat a purple inkling from below when he's not expecting it, which illustrates quite well our dominance in the battle to win by a quick knockout. Woomy!

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