Dynamo Splat Zones (8-3, Zink Mini Splatling)

17th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

Our team looks fairly balanced, the other has three Rollers. I would think that puts us at an advantage, but with the Dynamo Roller sitting on a perch flicking ink across both Splat Zones, maybe they aren't quite so disadvantaged. Even so, heading around the side to ink the Splat Zones in cover is a good tactic, as the Roller have to come to me, and in to my ink.

Holy crap, where did that Splattershot come from!? Okay, that corner isn't entirely safe, when you have sneaky inklings like that. I try the other way. I want to see if I can sneak around behind the Dynamo Roller, like I would with my Tri-slosher. Yes, I can! That was fun. I cover up the ink that got me ambushed, and head back hoping to catch an inkling covering up my cover up, but my reactions are just a little too slow.

Going back the first way, I am concerned about the trail of teal ink. Thankfully, my squidmate is all over it, and I can squid forwards to add my support to the Splat Zones. Well, what little I can offer, anyway. I go back the other way, which was more successful, but don't squid around the back immediately. There's too much teal ink to ignore it. But I do go around the back again, and splat the Dynamo Roller a second time. Nice!

The lack of Dynamo Roller on the perch and my position lets me help recapture the Splat Zones nicely, although we are now quite far behind the teal team. As the Dynamo Roller returns, I wonder if I can splat him a third time. But my route is blocked, and I get involved in a stand-off. It's probably not worth it, so I back off to take care of the Splat Zones themselves, but that Dynamo Roller is quite a threat to them.

I give the side route another stab, and just blast my way past the inkling. I don't think hiding in the middle of the corridor and lobbing a bomb was the best strategy, to be honest. I get around the back once more, but the Dynamo Roller has already been splatted. Good! The Splat Zones are ours again. I don't really want to relinquish my position, but the Splat Zones are more important, so I drop down to give them some care and attention. I like to think I contribute to us taking the lead.

The battle looks to be won, except the Dynamo Roller comes back and flicks so much ink the Splat Zones are neutralised. Okay, let's do this a third time! I get another Burst Bomb lobbed my way, but I'm not followed, and I get back around to splat the oblivious Dynamo Roller again. That just gets better each time.

We recapture the Splat Zones, but it's too late to secure the knockout victory. The teal team captured the Splat Zones briefly, giving us a buffer we can't clear now. But the Splat Zones are orange, we're in the lead, and there's little teal ink flying around. I think that's worth a victory dance. Woomy!

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