Being green in Splat Zones (14-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th November 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm not quite sure what the best option is for the Carbon Roller Deco at Mahi-Mahi Resort Splat Zones. A Seeker straight ahead seems efficient, but leaves little option once at the end, as I find out. I try a different route, one that works for the Tri-slosher sometimes. It gets me to the other side, but maybe because no one is there. Moving on nearly ends up with my getting splatted embarrassingly, but I recover and retreat.

Circling back around spots inklings, who thankfully don't spot me, and I get a couple of good splats. I nearly squid through the grating below me from an instinctual squidding, but manage to stop myself, rolling around to reset and look for opportunity. I ink the wall in preparation for future flanking before turning back to make use of my Seeker Rush. It counters the Suction Bomb Rush quite well.

Using my earlier ink gets me behind the purple team again, for another surprise splat, and although I manage to avoid a Kraken, who isn't looking for me anyway, I can't quite overcome my inertia and squid in to a Suction Bomb. I come back to let my Seekers do some work in the rather hot purple Splat Zones, but make a move when an Echolocator shows a cheeky inkling inking from our ledge. More Seekers do some good inking, but they don't help when I find myself surrounded by Suction Bombs.

I am thankful for landing on a friendly Bubbler on my return, which saves me from a Disruptor, and I squid around the back to surprise their Slosher, dropping down to flick the final ink on the Splash-o-matic too. I move around, considering going for the Squiffer, but decide to go the long way around, inking the Splat Zones a little as I go. I get the Squiffer nicely, and drop down for the Slosher again, but she turns in to a Kraken to stop me.

The Slosher moves across and hassles my squidmates, so I chase her down for some revenge, before another Seeker Rush sends me across the Resort myself. But the Splat Zones don't stay green, and I turn back again, which happily finds the Slosher again, this time when she's run out of ink. Some more squidding around inks turf but finds no inklings, but Suction Bomb Rush is pitted against Seeker Rush again, and I have to retreat. That's cool, and my Seekers get a splat anyway.

Only seconds remain, and the Splat Zones are green. We keep our focus and make sure they stay green, so the battle ends on time with our victory. Woomy!

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