Can't finish the Splat Zones (14-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

It seems like those Splat Bombs won't stop being thrown across the gap, and I will keep flicking to cover their explosions for the rest of the battle. I'm almost relieved that the Splatling wants to get rid of me. Plus, it's great seeing my squidmate who got around the side splat him with an Inkzooka. I'm cautious about the teal ink below our ledge too, more so than my guinea pig of a squidmate, who shows that it's safe. I feel a bit bad for stealing a splat from his Kraken. He gets one ahead of my Seeker, at least.

I think my squidmate's Kraken deserves a 'Nice!', but the teal Octobrush doesn't think so. Our good position is lost, as are the Splat Zones. But our E-litre 3K remains in a good position, letting me return quickly and ink our Splat Zone. Pushing forwards to make use of my Seeker Rush doesn't go quite as planned, as I am surrounded by inklings that are all shooting at me. I probably should have gone across the bridge. No matter.

I will get the rampage I want, even if it means getting lucky running headlong in to a Luna Blaster. But starting the Seeker Rush closer to the base is quite effective, when you can manage it. Seekers and splats in both directions, and the Luna Blaster popping up to be splatted again. That was some nice squidding by him, though. And I feel a bit bad about that last Seeker splat, but that'll teach him for having some Quick Respawn gear.

It's tempting to look for the Splatling, but the Splat Zones need attention first. And, yes, that helps recharge my Seeker Rush, which offers more opportunity. A lone Seeker splats Wei again, whilst I wait for a Killer Wail to end, after which I can let loose with the Rush. That only bags one more splat, but brings Wei to me once more. Maybe he really does need the Quick Respawn gear.

I think I have time to go around the side, and I destroy a Beakon, but not before it has been used. I try to wait for the super-jumping inkling to come to me, but another one wants to get rid of me with a Killer Wail. So be it, and I flick from the ground. All is going well now, and our counter is about to hit nought, so I do a little dance and shout a little celebration, just as the Luna Blaster ruins it all. So it goes.

I head around the side and, with enough to spare, take my time reappearing. I do a good job of avoiding the Splatling and protecting a super-jumping squidmate from him, launching a Seeker that maybe he didn't see. Splatting him lets me ink and capture the Splat Zone, which charges my Seeker Rush, and I use that to ink all the way back down to their base. The Splatling returns before my Seekers have run their course, and four or five all track down the Splatling.

One Seeker hits, the Splatling is splatted immediately on his return, and maybe that was enough for him. I can understand that, as multiple Seeker Rushes down that corridor can be very frustrating. Or maybe something unconnected occurred. Either way, the battle is a stalemate. That's a shame, I was just warming up to it.

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