Defensive mode in Tower Control (11-2, Kelp Splat Charger)

19th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm back in B+, and I may as well use my time here to practice my probably rusty charger skills. In fact, they are clearly rusty, and this isn't even my first battle with the Splat Charger. This is why I need to practice. At least I can ink turf, and appear to be a credible threat to the blue team. I also get the occasional Killer Wail, which is much easier to aim.

I do my best to move forwards to support the Tower, as the Splat Charger doesn't let me sit back for too long when we're pushing the Tower, but I am always careful not to get sucked in to close-range engagements, which I will almost certainly lose. Curiously enough, my first direct splat with the Splat Charger in this battle is at point-blank range, but that just shows I need to practice more.

I get a Sprinkler splat before my first proper charger splat, although it's only a couple of seconds before, and I get a couple more soon afterwards, so maybe I just needed to warm up a little. I'm quite pleased with my angled Killer Wail, getting a double splat, and clearing the advancing Tower with a charger/Sprinkler double splat.

It's a squidmate who clears the Tower a split-second before we lose the lead, and I'm thankful they do. I didn't see the other inkling on the Tower and looked away, trying to splat the Carbon Roller who I swear is immune to my ink. The Tower trundles back to the middle, and we just need to defend for a few seconds to claim the victory.

I'm surprised I got so many splats in the end. Being defensive with the right weapon and staying unsplatted can pay off, it seems.

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