Running out of time in Splat Zones (14-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Maintaining our Splat Zone is a worthy task, but when our squidmates who've headed to the other side don't seem to make it, it seems pointless to only defend. I move around myself, and at just the right time to catch a green inkling coming my way. There's a second one I'm not as aware of as I should be, but thankfully their Inkzooka doesn't hit me, for unexplained reasons, and I get to splat a couple of Echolocated inklings and help capture the green Splat Zone.

One Seeker is never enough, and I remember I have a Rush charged. Lots of Seekers are harder to dodge, and I get a couple of splats. Heading around the side from there is a little unconventional, but it catches one inkling by surprise from behind, and although the second hides very well before escaping, I help protect our Splat Zone from being captured.

I pause crossing the bridge again, fearful of my lack of ink, and have to retreat a second time when I actually manage to spot a sideways Suction Bomb. I get across eventually, but pick my target poorly. I get the splat, but the purple ink puddle goes in to the water, not over the Splat Zones, and I can't do much else.

Everything looks a bit green now. A cautious pause just about protects me from a green inkling crossing the bridge, but I fail to see the green Suction Bomb next to one of our own, and my survival is short-lived. I have a quick path back, thanks to a squidmate, and the Seeker from the side is a dead giveaway to an inkling's position, who I splat after a little chase. I consider going the long away around the back, but the bridge is probably good enough with a charged Seeker Rush.

My ambush goes better this time, but I don't want to ink the Splat Zones with the green inkling on the fence. I head around the side instead, but seeing an inkling dropping down, I try to launch another ambush. It goes exactly as planned! Well, better than charging towards an Inkzooka anyway. My return is brief, although at least I splat the N-ZAP back.

I head back the same way, hoping to beat the N-ZAP there, and find another inkling instead. Maybe 'find' is the wrong word, and I do well just to not get splatted. I let them go their way and, with the Splat Zones green, head around to see what I can do. A Splat Bomb tells me it's not safe, but my caution is weighted against needing to ink the Splat Zones, and the N-ZAP has a greater luxury of time when lying in wait.

Circumstances get more critical as the ten-second timer appears, and the Splat Zones turn green again, their score perilously close to our score. I zoom to our Splat Zone and splat an intruder, but before I can start flicking ink in earnest, the battle is lost.

That's quite a discrepancy in splats in the results. Everything seemed fairly balanced to me, but scanning back it looks like we lost an inkling less than two minutes in to the battle. I think that probably made it a better battle, in the end.

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