Not forward enough in Tower Control (13-2, Kelp Splat Charger)

20th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Check out that Sprinkler throw! I mention it not just because of how beautiful it is, but because it really isn't worth seeing many of the others during that battle where I actually try to aim. I don't retreat to a safe perch, but push forwards, spurred on by previous battles, but I soon realise I am in the wrong place. I'm not quite sure how I get out of there, particularly as I squid across the yellow-controlled Tower and an Ink Mine, but I get back to a safer position.

The best I can do from up here is clear the Tower when it gets close enough, which should still give us a battling chance, but it does require me to hit my targets, and preferably not be pursued. A Killer Wail helps a little, but one inkling dodges before pulling out a Kraken. Thankfully, I have that under control, unlike the Tower, which has now been pushed in to a decent lead. Nothing we can't overcome, but we do kinda need to ride the Tower a bit ourselves.

I remain cautious, however, not wanting to be ambushed again, and although I do better at keeping the yellow team back, I ought to move forwards with my squidmates. I nearly help out significantly with a Killer Wail, but it just needed to be a little more to the left. It's a great image of three inklings squidding down Moray Towers, though. I'm close enough to support the Tower as my squidmates battle over it, but I'm sure I'm also close enough to splat that Dual Squelcher, particularly when my ink goes under his feet. So it goes. I get him around the corner.

My position feels threatened, causing me to retreat, but I am probably being too cautious. And as I miss a couple of shots, a squidmate super-jumps to me, bumping me off the ledge. My first splatting is blue-on-blue. At least he says sorry. On my return, my caution and the yellow team's aggression gets them a greater lead. I get a couple of splats on the Tower, but the yellow flanking neatly shepherds me away from seeing the Tower, and even though I splat the Killer Wailing inkling, the Killer Wail prevents me from getting close too.

The Tower trundles on, and again I'm forced back a little. When I get a good opportunity, a Kraken appears on the Tower, and positions itself so that I can't knock it off. It's a good move, and the best I can do is get the splat when he transforms back, and hop on the Tower just in time to prevent the knockout defeat.

I've helped stop the defeat, but only the knockout. Ten seconds remain, and I can't afford to get off the Tower. It's a last-ditch effort to help the team ride the entire distance of the Towers, and even though a Killer Wail helps shepherd some inklings to a narrow path, my aiming lets me down just when it matters.

I am splatted off the Tower, and my squidmates suffer the same fate seconds later. Maybe I wasn't splatted much, but maybe you need to get in to risky positions to have a better chance of victory.

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