Back to A- with some hits and misses in Tower Control (13-4, Tri-slosher)

21st November 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm glad that E-litre 3K isn't a perfect shot. It makes up for a messy start. And the lick of ink that hits my back warns me to turn around, which helps, although I'm a little disappointed someone has got to the E-litre 3K before me. But only a little. Him being gone from the perch is the main thing. Gone, but not splatted, it seems, as he's behind me, and in full tunnel vision mode. Nice!

Jumping down requires a Bubbler to stay safe, and a squidmate's Killer Wail lets me squid up to the top, where I splat one surprised inkling, and the probably irritated returning E-litre 3K. But it's not enough, as the Tower is going the other way. And I run out of ink near the Carbon Roller! Thankfully, I get away with it, and maybe help recover the Tower. Maybe not, though.

I probably shouldn't get caught up in a pointless dual with the E-litre 3K, but at least it prevents him pointing his charger at my squidmates on the Tower. It would help more if we were pushing the Tower, so I resolve our differences and head back to the centre to help out. I don't stick to the Tower and get caught out, but after the nifty double splat I still don't stick to the Tower.

A bit of defence is required next, and I get super-lucky when Echolocated not to be hit by the Carbon Roller. I squid back the way I came for a bit of safety, then find the E-litre 3K in the same corridor as before, and renew our acquaintance. Again, it's a bit of a waste of time, but it wastes his time as much as mine, and my squidmates increase our lead, so it's probably worth it.

I try to be clever and squid around the back of the retreating Tower, but it doesn't quite work. I have no idea how the Aerospray avoided my squidmate's Splat Bomb either. But everything is under control anyway, more or less. My sloshing lets me down a bit when over the Tower, and then my footwork gets me dunked in the water. My squidmates are doing well, though. That's the main thing.

A little more defence is needed, with only seconds remaining, and I offer just that. A little more defence. Splatting the Bomb Rusher in the back is a fun way to finish the battle, and with my squidmates on the Tower I can afford myself a little victory dance, knowing that I'm back in A- after so many battles. Woomy!

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