Going for turf in Cake Splatfest (2/1, Splat Charger)

22nd November 2017 – 7.00 pm

Cake Splatfest! Splat Charger for me to start with. I'd like to try holding the charge whilst squidding, but I don't think I'll be able to put that to much use. I'd need to aim quickly when popping up again, and I can't do that at the best of times. Still, I find out that the pigeon is turf to be inked and perched on, in a strange turn of events.

I get forced off the pigeon quickly, and soon overwhelmed at short range. Dunno where my squidmates are, as there's precious little inked turf for me to squid away to safety. I come back an ink the turf myself, which charges my Stingray, and this is early enough in the Splatfest for me to realise that you can't just keep firing the Stingray, you need to do it in bursts, or you'll hit nothing. Splatting anyone is still hit-or-miss, though. It's a tricky Special to use effectively.

My squid sense tingles, but the Roller is on top of me far too quickly for me to react. I head back along the other direction, and look for opportunity. I am shooed from my minor perch, but that pushes me towards a couple of splats that I'm happy for, even if splatted in return.

Hey, it's the map! Super-jumping from the base is actually pretty straightforward, and you have plenty of time to check things out. I still land in trouble, but that's generally the way. The map also shows me that we're in a spot of bother, as regards to turf inked.

Aiming for the other team won't win us this battle now. Instead, I squid around the side, and hopefully bypass their attention to try to ink as much turf as I can in the final thirty seconds. Ignore what people say about chargers being inefficient inkers, check out what I managed to do. A win by 1.5%, and my charger lines are mostly untouched.

That's a good win!

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