Keeping things moving in Tower Control (12-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

22nd November 2017 – 7.00 am

My early flicks may not hit their target, but I ink our side of the Dome fairly well to start with, and spot, avoid, and splat the Octobrush before she causes us problems. Early control goes to the yellow team, though. I try to rectify that, once the Tower is cleared, but hop off to try to relieve some yellow pressure. I miss my splat from above, and the super-jumper, but thankfully the Suction Bomb Rush doesn't splat me, probably thanks to the inflatable, and my Seeker Rush counters nicely.

I ink more turf swinging around to hop on the Tower again, when I hear what sounds like a Kraken appearing. I don't see where, until the Tower comes in to view. Not a problem. One flick pushes the Kraken off, and then I'm treated to a trio of splats, two super-jumpers and the retransformed inkling. The fourth inkling sees the blue mayhem and sensibly tries to retreat, but a little jink and flick and I splat him too.

I try to move the Tower a bit more, but the yellow ink keeps coming and the going is slow. At least I don't stick to the Tower to be splatted pointlessly, hopping off when required, and happy with incremental progress. I'm also really happy to come away from being between two inklings with just a bit of yellow ink on me, but that lasts until I hop on to the Tower underneath the Grim Range Blaster.

No one has gone down our flank yet. This is a little surprising, but I do notice a little directness with most of the inklings. I think I have time to have a poke around. I think I'm nearly caught by the Blaster again, so hop here and there to avoid him, but as he moves forwards so do I. My flicking seems to be just amiss, but it's quick enough and from an angle unexpected enough to eventually catch two inklings at once.

I hop on the Tower to keep it moving again, and get far enough that my Seeker Rush could come in handy, sending waves of them towards the ramp coming out of the yellow base. It would help more if I didn't hit the Tower's column, and if the Range Blaster wasn't waiting at optimal range around the corner. I do a little tidying on my return, and although I do well to avoid the Octobrush's Kraken, I do less well against the Octobrush herself.

Everything looks nice and blue, so I try some directness myself. I end up keeping the Tower if not moving forwards then not moving backwards. I wonder if the Grim Range Blaster thinks he's doing well to stop me advancing? Personally, I think keeping the Tower in an advanced position whilst we have the lead is doing a bang-up job. Not even the Killer Wail helps the yellow position much.

The Blaster eventually splats me off the Tower, but I've taken almost thirty seconds off the clock, and there are less than ten seconds remaining in the battle. A squidmate simple takes over from me, amongst the remnants of a good Suction Bomb Rush, and the battle is won. Woomy!

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