Seeing orange in Rainmaker (17-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

26th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

My good start goes awry fairly quickly, as I fail to squid up a small ledge, throw a Seeker in to a wall, and get disorientated. Running out of ink doesn't help, but somehow I survive all of this to get splatted by running in front of the Dual Squelcher. Coming back along a different path inks another option for us, and charges my Seeker Rush. Just right to slow down the orange team, and I sensibly pause to flick when under pressure. I even burst the dropped Rainmaker. All looks cosy until I grab the Rainmaker and pop my beak over the ledge to be splatted immediately.

I don't really want to follow my Seeker and be an obvious target over the same ledge, so I tidy up a bit first. I also don't follow behind our Rainmaker, preferring as always to look around the side. That drops a squid in to my lap, who releases a flustered Killer Wail as I try to ink the wall to the top. I continue, getting in to a good flanking position whilst also charging my Seeker Rush. This Rush does better than the first, splatting inklings, bursting the Rainmaker, and leaving a trail behind me that actually leads forwards. I get a really good distance before halted in mid-air and pushed backwards in to a Killer Wail.

The orange team start bringing the Rainmaker back, which should just call for diligent defence. Not standing in a Killer Wail helps, but there's not much you can do about so many inklings cresting the ledge at the same time. My Seeker hit none of them either. I return to defend again, and a good defence can be as simple as turf control, and covering over direct paths to the podium is quite important.

I'm happy that bursting the Rainmaker doesn't push me back in to the water, and as much as I enjoy carrying the Rainmaker itself, I'd rather my Seekers helped to support someone else. Thankfully, a squidmate does grab the Rainmaker, as I am floundering near the brush, but even with a Seeker Rush active, we don't get too far. I'm then crushed by the Rainmaker's Shield when standing in an awkward position. So it goes.

I hit the flank again, our flank, to tidy up some orange mess and hopefully be a surprise to the orange team. I think I am, more than once, that drop-splat being pretty nifty, but my attempt to surprise the Sploosh-o-matic goes poorly when I simply pop up in front of her weapon. It looks like an inkling is trying to sneak around our flank as I head down the centre, but keeping the Rainmaker at bay is a higher priority. I balance inking the shield with standing back, and before I know it my squidmates are there to help. I somehow throw a Splat Bomb too. Nice!

A nice bit of Killer Wail avoidance by everyone as the ten-second counter appears makes it look like we have the battle won. Even when the Rainmaker is stuck near the water with me above the brush things look good. Then the brush becomes a Kraken, and bounces up the wall to splat me, and extra time is starting to look a bit more urgent. But a Seeker down the middle, and a dive-bomb flick stops the vanguard, and the whole team is there to stop the Rainmaker.

Good job, everyone! Woomy!

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