Against the tide in Rainmaker (22-10, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th November 2017 – 7.00 am

It's all a bit chaotic at the start. That last Seeker hitting the bricks doesn't help, letting the blue team get the advantage on the Rainmaker's shield, and I have to duck back to avoid the explosion. The blue ink that flies everywhere stops me squidding over the crest, and although I see the Splat Bomb come my way, there's not much I can do. And here come the blue team. Being a tad low for a Seeker is unfortunate, but not as much as turning the wrong way from the Rainmaker blast.

I clean up my own mess first, and don't do bad in providing forward support with a Seeker Rush, as well as flicking backwards and below as the blue team push aggressively forwards, but I miss the Carbon Roller, who doesn't miss me. Heading along the flank gets me an opportunity for multiple splats, which I take with aplomb, but the Carbon Roller gets me again. Those things are quick. I should try one.

It seems better not to head directly towards a choke point, but in this case it's not much safer to stray beyond our front line. The blue team are everywhere, and quick to super-jump back, it seems. We have to defend again, and my Seekers are great for this in the Mall, as well as inking straight paths straight through blue inklings. I'm not sure where our Rainmaker carrier is going, though, until she catches up after the other Carbon Roller Deco and me have a bad-flicking contest.

I'm not quite sure where I'm super-jumping to, hence the slight pause on landing, and that explosion of blue looks a bit suspicious. Needless to say, the blue team are nearby and splat me away again. I come back with the standard Seeker throw, and consider heading over the top again, but a blue Rainmaker blast coming through the gap persuades me to be more direct this time. It's almost good I do, as even though I miss the Rainmaker, at least I prevent a blue path leading up the podium from being inked.

Our position looks pretty bad now. Thankfully, one of our squidmates holds back the Rainmaker shield just long enough for a Seeker to sneak underneath the explosion, temporarily preventing the almost-inevitable knockout defeat. Going up and over spies an inkling to splat out of the way, and dive-bombing her lines up two more super-jumpers for a nice triple. I could have waited for the quad-splat to land in my lap, but my conscience tells me to help with the push first. A squidmate gets the last super-jumper anyway.

The Rainmaker is somewhere again, and when it appears back in the middle of the Mall I realise a squidmate took one for the team and reset it. If only my Seeker Rush were slightly better timed, we could have pushed the Rainmaker forwards, but it just falls in to blue tentacles again. That's a suspciously good jump whilst carrying the heavy Rainmaker with no extra speed kit, though.

And it looks like one of our squidmates has been distracted. At this late stage, I doubt it matters. I indulge in a bit more splatting, but approached the Rainmaker at just the wrong moment and am caught by the Rainmaker's shield. By the time I'm back at base, our squidmate disappears in a puff of yellow dust, and the blue team are squidding up the podium. There's really not much I can do. We didn't even get on the scoreboard. So it goes.

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