Specials make the Rainmaker (4-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not sure where the green team are at the start. Maybe they can't race against Seekers. It gives us a nice opportunity to sneak an early lead. Maybe I shouldn't have let the Rainmaker go ahead alone, and I probably could have done better diving down at the Dual Squelcher, but it's still early.

It looks like a Killer Wail is used to burst the Rainmaker free, but the green team don't grab the Rainmaker. That's weird. Sure enough, the Rainmaker is sitting where we dropped it. We have pressure from from the front, so I do what I do and sneak around the side to add pressure from behind.

I surprise one inkling, and chase a second, but avoid the Rainmaker under fire from an Inkzooka. I splat that threat, although the Inkzooka had already been tossed, and launch a Seeker Rush that I hope inks the way to the podium. It does, and almost all the way! But a green Splat Bomb Rush counters my Seeker Rush, and I squid out of the way to hide.

It's a good hiding spot. I consider sneaking behind a Seeker to grab the Rainmaker to finish the job, but a Killer Wail persuades me to hold back a few seconds longer. And even before the Killer Wail subsides, a squidmate's Bomb Rush sends Suction Bombs on top of and around the Rainmaker, keeping green tentacles off it.

I enact my plan, sending a Seeker ahead, and stealing the Rainmaker protected by Suction Bombs. The green team just can't react in time, as in one smooth movement I grab the Rainmaker and squid up the podium. Woomy!

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