Blasting E-litre 3Ks in Tower Control (18-4, Grim Range Blaster)

28th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Yikes, two E-litre 3Ks on the other team. Which do I aim for? To start with, the one that sees me coming, I suppose. And I really do need to aim for them, because even a Range Blaster doesn't splat as indiscriminately as my beloved bucket. At least I have Burst Bombs to compensate a bit. The E-litre 3Ks, on the other hand, don't seem to have the same trouble with aiming, although I make it easier for them when diving in to a puddle I just made on the Tower. I was an obvious target.

Heading around the back is something I always like to try. In this case, I don't need to go up the ramp at the back, as my Blaster will let me hit targets from a decent distance. The problem this time is catching up with them. Still, apart from having one splat snatched away from me, what follows may have been the slowest quad you'll see. I follow that by pushing the Tower, but cautiously. I end up inching the Tower forwards, until my timing is just a little off. I don't quite get us the lead back.

I go for the side route again, but pause to make sure the Tower won't run away from me again. That pause gets me hit with an Echolocator, and although I shake that off quickly, my position is spotted quicker than I catch on to quite what is hitting me with yellow ink. Damned E-litre 3Ks are better at aiming and with Burst Bombs than me. I need to get better!

The Tower comes our way again, and the yellow team increase their lead, thanks in part to my having range problems. I also get in our Splatling's way a bit, which I apologise for. And although I push forwards, the yellow team super-jump behind me. And normal jump. I never got the hang of jumping inklings, and never did like it. Still, I help clear the Tower again, after the yellow lead is extended further, and start trying to keep the yellow team at bay.

We get some cohesion, no doubt helped by having the yellow team all splatted at the same time whilst we are all in one piece, and push the Tower forwards as a team. I don't think I help much, barely being able to cling to the Tower, or getting any splats, but perhaps keeping one of the E-litre 3K's distracted at a crucial time is enough for a squidmate to sneak the lead. Nice!

The yellow team push back, of course. My earlier excuse for missing the Luna Blaster because she was jumping are shown to be bunk too. Still, I show some sense with the Killer Wail, understanding where it would push anyone in the way, even if I need to rely on Burst Bombs again. And now that we have the lead, there is some pressure taken off having to clear the Tower immediately, which always helps my shaky aiming.

There's under 20 seconds left in the battle, so after resetting the Tower I think we can take advantage of our lead and battle defensively. I find a nice corner and discourage the E-litre 3Ks from getting clear shots, whilst my squidmates take a more active approach to defence, by riding the Tower. The seconds tick down, we remain in control, and end the battle victorious. Woomy!

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