Seek and destroy in Tower Control (20-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

I will probably never stop trying to get an early jump on the opposition at the start of some battles. The trade isn't so bad this time, but I still feel it could have gone better. Still, I am more measured immediately afterwards, and rely on my Seekers to ink turf and seek splats along the wonderful corridors in Camp Triggerfish, turfed ink that I can then ninja squid through for more direct splatting. Well, unless I'm beaten to it by the green Carbon Roller.

Revenge is swift and brutal. We clear the returning Tower almost as efficiently, and I get back to supporting with Seekers, using my first Rush to get close to the green team. I don't get quite close enough to the Squiffer to splat him, but my presence sufficiently flusters him to step backwards in to the water. That'll do.

Keeping close to the enemy base is a bit cheesy, though. On top of that, there is green pressure building behind me, and although my squidmates are pushing the Tower they could use some direct support. I catch up to help, before tidying up the awful mess the green team have been making. I turn back a bit early, but having done enough to slow the green team down, and apply some more pressure to send the Squiffer back in to the drink.

I press high again, but again at perhaps the wrong time, the green team riding the Tower. I head back, but am simply catching up, my squidmates having cleared the Tower by the time I get near. Still, I help by keeping most of the green team at bay for a bit longer, getting a nifty Seeker triple-splat with another Rush. I look for the Carbon Roller manually, but am caught in a pincer and handily splatted.

I get perhaps my most casual splat as I come back, and consider my options when I get to the bridge. With the Tower still going forwards, I should probably continue along the netting to support on the ledge. That turns out to be a good decision for the team, splatting back a couple of inklings, and eventually the Slosher too. The Squiffer, safely on dry turf, gets some revenge on me, and prevents the knockout defeat. Good job, Squiffer.

The battle is almost over, and the green team have to traverse most of the Camp to win. I hold in a good position to ambush the returning Tower, but it has both support super-jumping in and Slosher support from the side. I am better off being unsplatted by the Slosher so I can continue to help clear the Tower, but the Slosher becomes a Kraken, which I can't keep at bay for long.

The Kraken focussing on me is one less green presence on the Tower, though, and my squidmates clear the Tower of the other green inklings with little delay, ending the battle for the victory. Woomy!

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