Vanguard support in Splat Zones (14-5, Tri-slosher)

29th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

In my last ever batch of battles in Splatoon, I'm pulling out the Tri-slosher for some fun with my favourite weapon. And on the other team are two Splatterscopes, just right for me to toy with, and in Walleye Warehouse too, where audacious flanking moves can lead to some fun splats. Naturally, I go for the flank immediately. Unfortunately, the purple team capture enough turf early on that the chargers have moved forwards.

I get a couple of splats anyway, and could have done more if I remembered my Bubbler, but all that really happens is the purple team gets a hefty early lead. Coming back along a more direct route just gets me jumping head-first in to an Inkzooka, so it's around the back again on my return. Again, the purple team have moved up, but I'm more prepared, and remember my Bubbler, so I accomplish more. Not enough, though. The purple team now have a whopping lead.

At least my squidmates spread enough ink to capture the Splat Zones again, giving the purple team another buffer to work through. And my looking for an alternative route goes badly once more, so I go around the back just because it doesn't get me splatted quite so quickly as anything else I've tried. I stick to high turf for longer, letting me slosh over the Splat Zones, and attack the Inkzooka with my Bubbler active. I think it helps.

We end up in control of the Splat Zones and splat most of the purple team away. It doesn't last for too long, but the route around the back remains viable, somehow, which lets me charge my Bubbler as well as appear by surprise. Well, maybe not quite so surprising any more, but it's still effective.

We ink much more turf than we've controlled so far, and with so much freedom of movement and some sensible skirmishing, I start racking the splats up as well as helping ensure the Splat Zones stay teal. And not only do we take the lead, but because the purple team were so far in front, it looks like we're going to win the knockout victory.

I have enough time to give a 'Nice!' for morale, which has my accidentally popping my Bubbler. I don't think it matters, and lets me ride out the last few seconds of the battle safe from harm. Woomy!

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