Nasty third wave in Salmon Run [11-18-22, 13/804]

1st December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Ooh, the Blaster. I can use these, and they should be a fairly good alternative to a charger, if a bit short-ranged. It's not a great start for me, though, walking right in to the water as I aim upwards. At least it is at the start, before things start to get too hectic. But I muck up a jump too, and although I help with the Steel Eel, I can't carry one of its dropped eggs.

It's not a great time to use my Splashdown, but that's because it was a mistake. On top of that, rather than getting the egg home I try to clear some salmonids away, which just gets me surrounded and splatted, which ends up losing us an egg. This first wave really isn't going well for me. Thank goodness it's over.

Second wave, and I have the Jet Squelcher. I've never really used this weapon before, but the principles are much like other shooters. I help out splatting some salmonids, waiting for the boss to appear, but it seems our squidmates are already dealing with one. Well, we've kept some scrubs off their back, I suppose.

I go looking for trouble, and find it, which isn't difficult at high tide. A squidmate uses the Stingray to good effect, and I remember what Maws looks like before surfacing. This is going much more smoothly for me already. We take care of the bosses quickly, and watch each other's backs, and we double our quota in this wave easily.

The third wave comes, and I have the Splattershot, which is nice and easy. This is a wave I haven't seen before. I still wasn't paying much attention to Mr Grizz at this point, thinking I knew it all from the induction, but this is new to me. Glowflies appear around one of us, attracting salmonids in great quantities, and quickly! At least they are the basic salmonids, and easy to blast.

This is actually a lot of fun! It's probably because we're at high tide again, keeping us all close together. I think if the squidmate with the glowflies got too far away, they would be in trouble, and then we would, if anyone was unfamiliar with this wave. Instead, we just have rows and rows of salmonids lining up to be splatted, with the occasional boss to drop eggs.

Another accidental Splashdown doesn't matter too much, as my Splattershot deals with the salmonids easily enough. I don't even notice during the wave when I get the glowfies. But because of my Splattershot, I just stand and shoot. It definitely helps that I am standing next to the egg basket, for easy collecting. The eggs come to us, and we drop them in.

The only real problem is running out of ink, but I suppose that's half the point. With everyone sticking together, we have cover for each other pretty much all the time. In the end, we just rack up the eggs and beat back the salmonids. I don't know what my squidmates thought of that last wave, but I found it a whole load of fun!

A great performance from everyone involved, and I get another GrizzCo shirt.

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