Awesome last wave in Salmon Run [17-11-21, 15/523]

2nd December 2017 – 7.00 am

A new day at GrizzCo, a new set of weapons. The Blaster first! Not the Range Blaster, but I've used this before. Bring on the salmonids! And it's low tide, so we know where they're coming from. Not the best first boss to get, needing to blast through the small fry and still have enough ink to lob a Splat Bomb, but my squimdates are on it.

Things get a little more straightforward for a while, until a Steel Eel appears as I am trying to snatch another egg. I get bopped in to the toxic waters. Still, I got the egg, and I am revived and just about avoid a Maws to deliver the egg to the basket. Our quota is easily met.

Jet Squelcher for the second wave for me, and we are immediately hit with both a Steel Eel and a Maws. The Eel comes for me, the Maws for a squidmate, and we just about survive. I'm splatted again, by a Smallfry, although I think the Flyfish had more to do with it. At least it's in a convenient position, and I am revived to help out some more.

A Steelhead joins in, which should be up to me to splat, with the range of the Jet Squelcher, but my aim and timing lets me down a little. I also miss seeing a squidmate in distress, although I am taking an egg back to the basket, and revive him and another shortly after that. Second wave complete!

The Splattershot should make this last wave smoother for me. A Steelhead is despatched efficiently, as is a Drizzler as I am carrying an egg. A Drizzler and Scrapper are splatted in to eggs, as is a Stinger. We pretty much have more eggs than we can carry, and have to leave half-a-dozen behind, and it's not like we're struggling to take them back. The bosses just drop smoothly, and we're constantly back-and-forth to the basket.

We double our quota for the final wave, which gives us a really good haul overall! Good job, everyone!

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