There's a cannon in Salmon Run [10-12-19, 6/1054]

2nd December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Another low-tide start to a Marooner's Bay Salmon Run. I'm prepared, and have the Jet Squelcher again. I'm glad that the first boss salmonid isn't going for me, because Maws is coming from a different direction and I don't see it until its almost underneath me. Flyfish as the second boss is easier than as the first, as we have some kind of path inked. It's a shame two of us hit the same launcher, and my rush to recover ink puts off my quick aim of a second Splat Bomb.

I am sadly splatted by Flyfish. I think I see a Splat Bomb land in the other launcher and move forwards to take on the Scrapper, but I just get hit by Flyfish's exhaust. How embarrassing. I have to waddle back in the rubber ring with a squidmate, and I don't last long when revived. Not a great first wave for me, really. I even miss depositing a golden egg by under a second.

It's low tide again for the second wave. I hold back, because in an earlier Salmon Run I got thoroughly splatted by Cohocks on the beach, shortly before the rest of the team did, and My Grizz said something about a cannon in our debriefing. Sure enough, it's a similar wave, and a cannon appears. A cannon!

It takes me a few goes to work out how to operate it: it's not a toggle, you have to stay in squid form. My trigger-happy shooting also makes me realise that it doesn't have its own ink tank, and uses your own, which you need to pop out to replenish. But it makes short work of those Cohocks, and I would say having a cannon operator is vital to complete this kind of wave.

I take down a couple of bosses with the cannon, and moderate my shots a bit more so that I can be more supportive of my squidmates collecting the eggs. I can't do anything about Flyfish, though, and Flyfish can do something about me. But by the time that happens, and I have to drop down to be revived, our quota is met, the wave is nearly over, and we just have to defend a little.

The third wave has mist setting in. That's very cool to look at, but makes it difficult to see where the salmonids are coming from. Sticking to high ground helps, even if it potentially means we get a little overwhelmed. We get split up, but good communication gets us back together. And one squidmate splats a boss near the basket, so that when I take one egg back, I can grab another really quickly. Our quota is met nice and early.

I get in to a spot of bother when trying to rescue another squidmate. I have to fight past a Goldie, but pick up a golden egg in the process, and chase my squidmate who is boldly making their way back to the basket. In fact, they get revived before I can reach them, whilst I am being hit on multiple sides. I don't think I'm going to make it, and decide to just hold back and survive the last few seconds of the wave.

Job's a good 'un! We have a celebratory squid party and super-jump back to the ship for payment. Not too many golden eggs for me, because I effectively sat out of the second wave, but splatting all those Cohocks with the cannon bagged me hundreds of normal eggs. And I'm an overachiever. Nice!

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