N-ZAPing in Turf War [1843p, 9(3)-4, N-ZAP '85]

3rd December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've got access to the N-ZAP '85, so let's try it out. It should be better at inking turf than the Splattershot Jr, and it still has the Ink Armour. I have already forgotten my own advice to activate Ink Armour sooner rather than later, though, which really doesn't help when jumping in to the middle of a Curling Bomb Rush.

At least this mistake reminds me of my advice, and I get my Ink Armour up before pushing to engage a Roller. I come out on top of that one, but I think that's more because of the Roller's mistake than my own brilliance. This is obvious when I mis-time my jump from the middle structure, almost forcing myself to waddle ineffectively in to another N-ZAP '85. Ah, so that's how they are supposed to be used.

We're still holding most turf, but maybe not for long. The middle ground looks safe, and I make the jump this time. It's a short-cut, and not needed to get up here, but it lets me ink turf for a couple of seconds longer. I almost remember how to get up closer to the purple base, but am distracted by the tempting back of an inkling. That splat leads me to others, where my Ink Armour beats purple Ink Armour. Nice!

I persist with the jump for no reason, and get quite close to getting near to the base, but am caught. Maybe I shouldn't have splatted all those inklings. I move down our flank to ink the edges, and find the probably inexperienced Roller again.

My final move is to be splatted from above, but as I am quite far on the other side of the Academy, and with squidmates, I don't mind. That all means that we hold the majority of turf. Sure enough, the battle is ours.

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