N-ZAP '85 splats in Turf War [1973p, 9-2, N-ZAP '85]

4th December 2017 – 7.00 am

I remember my earlier advice, and hopefully now won't forget, and activate my Ink Armour early, so that it is active and that I start to recharge it. That gives me confidence in chasing a blue inkling, although a second Ink Armour effect kicks in. I don't think every inkling realises yet that it buffs the whole team, without needing to be close to share it like the Bubbler. But no matter, I get the splat.

That Heavy Splatling could cause problems with her range. A Suction Bomb doesn't dislodge her from the ledge, but she drops down when pulling out the Stingray. That's a good opportunity to splat her away, and I don't let it go to waste. I circle around, and just about get out of the blue ink before I'm splatted, and get enough distance to make sure my new Ink Armour will activate before I head back.

Two more splats for me, but I am chased again. I sensibly retreat, although I'm leaving behind a chunk of blue turf that I could be inking. I go around the long way to see what I can do, and I get close to inking it pink, but get caught in a crossfire. The map is a good tool to use between splats. It feels a bit weird watching it back, though, with no control over it.

I super-jump back to the middle of the Reef, and retreat away from blue danger, happy to hold the majority of the turf as much as anything. Trying to splat the Sprinkler from low turf turns out not to be entirely straightforward, and timely as a result. I'm glad the blue inkling looking to flank me is just out of range, as it gives me time to react.

My Ink Armour lets me chase another inkling successfully, but my next target turns out not to be an inkling but a Suction Bomb. That was unfortunate. Super-jumping back requires some evasive manoeuvres fairly soon, which is almost to be expected, but my chasers become chased, thanks to diving under the bridge.

The last twenty seconds of the battle is pretty much just holding the turf we have and not letting the returning blue inklings slip through our tentacles. In the end, it's a comfortable victory, and I hit level ten. Now I can enter Ranked battles!

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