Off by one in Salmon Run [17-15-13, 11/424]

4th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oh yes. Look at the weapons today. The Tri-slosher and Carbon Roller are both main weapons of mine, I pull out variants of the Splat Charger regularly, and the Splash-o-matic was my first love. Nothing can go wrong in today's Salmon Run! I'm even handed the Tri-slosher for the first wave, which is at low tide. Not even a Flyfish as the first boss fazes me. Still, I can do better than sit under the shadows of his missiles.

I spy a squidmate in trouble, and push through the salmonids to help out. Good stuff, and there are golden eggs that he was trying to get. I snag one too and ink a new path back, which hopefully will help. It lets me splat half of a new Flyfish, at least. But I run out of ink when approaching a Scrapper from behind, and wanting to help a dunked squidmate, which contributes to my being bumped in to the water myself. So it goes.

Carbon Roller to the rescue! That lets me drop a golden egg at the basket, then accidentally activate my Special. Amusingly, I wonder just how sensitive the activation trigger is, and activate it again to find out. This is how I find out we only have two specials per Salmon Run. What an idiot. But we make quota, and I decide mostly to stay safe as the wave draws to an end.

Carbon Roller next. I haven't quite sorted out why I can't reliably get up to a sprint, but I'm getting there. I'm getting used to the vertical flick, though, which is really useful. I never really liked the silly jumping inklings before, but now there's a good reason to jump with a Roller, and facing Steel Head is one of those reasons.

My egg retrieval is slowed down by a Steel Eel, which is fine, as he's not coming for me, and I splat him easily. Jumping the grate is harder. I sort myself out and look for where the call for assistance is coming from. I spy the Flyfish and pat myself on the back for an excellent Splat Bomb throw, but then the Flyfish turns and I realise he still has one launcher left. Oh well.

A second Flyfish appears, and my Splat Bomb throw is less accurate. Plus a salmonid is trying to nick their golden eggs back, and a Scrapper comes after me, as does a Steel Eel. Things are getting a bit hectic. As the seconds tick down, it looks like we have at least two Flyfish, which isn't fun, but we happily survive to move on to the third wave.

I have the Splash-o-matic now. Probably the most straightforward shooter for me, and dealing with the Stinger is pretty simple, right up until I run out of ink from the probably pointless Splat Bomb and get bumped in to the water again. At least I'm revived immediately, and get out of there, dropping a Splat Bomb behind me to help my squidmates.

I help a squidmate, get cornered by a Steel Eel, fall between the grating again, and feel that I am not the right inkling to deal with Steel Head this time. I decide to just grab a dropped golden egg and get out of there, as Maws appears underneath me, but turning back sees two more Steel Heads. I get a feeling we're now out of our depth.

There is at least one inkling down, and far too many bosses for our health, with time ticking down. I grab a golden egg and return it, knowing we are below quota, but I don't have time to get another, and it looks like my squidmates aren't in a position to get that final one either. We fail, by a single golden egg.

Never mind, it wasn't a terrible run, but we could have been better coordinated at the end.

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