Huge tally in Salmon Run (24-26-29, 20/606)

5th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Low tide and the Carbon Roller is a good start to a Salmon Run for me. The vertical flick helps feel helpful against Steel Head too. I nearly get bumped in to the water, but just about keep my footing. We splat boss after boss, and I even throw a cheeky bomb towards a Maws chasing a squidmate as I turn back to collect another golden egg. In fact, the hardest part is collecting the golden eggs.

Two Stingers cause us problems, but only for two of us. Our squidmates are fine and revive us as they bring back more golden eggs, and we start the second wave with a load of golden eggs already. I can't quite find the first boss, which could be a problem as it is Steel Head and I have the charger. But I just about snap my shot off to splat him before the first bomb is released. Maybe that's a good omen.

Two Steel Eels look awkward to deal with, but taking them one at a time, whilst they aren't come for me, proves effective. But, naturally, things start to get a bit hectic as we don't quite deal with the bosses efficiently enough, and my holding my charge for a Drizzler proves dangerous when a Maws is gunning for me. Still, I'm revived quickly, and with enough ink to toss a Splat Bomb at Maws.

My squidmates continue their good work with splatting and collecting, and we finish the run with double our quota, whilst I'm almost twiddling my thumbs. The third wave starts with a Splash-o-matic in my hands. I love the weapons today. And glowflies appear around me. Nice! I drop back and, with perhaps the best weapon for this round, just shoot and collect.

A squidmate makes great use of his Sting Rays, aiming them right down the throats of the salmonids rushing us, whereas I just fall down the hole again and have trouble getting back up. But I get back in to the action, and splat wave after wave of salmonids, before getting too in to the action, whilst the glowflies are around me, and am splatted myself.

Once more my squidmates come to my rescue, and I can return one more golden egg just as the wave ends. This feels like a salmon run to celebrate, and it really is. 79 golden eggs in total! Yeah, we deserve Mr Grizz's praise for this one.

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