Top-notch Salmon Run [17-19-22, 22/446]

5th December 2017 – 7.00 am

Glowflies! And they're on me! Cool. Line 'em up, squidmates! I only move away from the basket when the glowflies have moved off me, which lets me grab a couple of golden eggs. The next time I drop down to try to save a squidmate, who turns the corner as I drop down in front of the manic salmonids. Not a great move.

I wonder how many of my squidmates have seen the glowflies before. The way they are spread out makes me think not, but as the squidmate with the glowflies appears in front of the basket again, I'm happy ignoring the rubber rings and just splatting salmonids and Goldies for golden eggs. I take pity eventually, as I have a shot I can take, but that just costs me getting splatted. That'll teach me.

All is good, and we get a good haul for the first wave. Carbon Roller next, and I can reliably run fast now, which is good. The Steel Eel is straightforward, I don't think the vertical flick is as effective is horizontal on the Scrapper but we splat him anyway, and our charger deals with the Stinger as I collect eggs and dodge the Maws. The Maws doesn't give up on me, so I just sensibly lure it to the basket, giving me time to recharge ink, and drop a Splat Bomb for it to eat. Those are some easy golden eggs.

My dropping of the golden eggs isn't as quick as I think, and I end up carrying one for longer than I should, without realising it. We've made quota already, so it doesn't cost us anything, but does make me look a bit silly. We survive fairly easily, and make it to the third wave, where I have the Tri-slosher. Nice! I make quick work of a Stinger, and our Carbon Roller a Maws. I return the favour for him, but ignoring the Stinger costs me a splat, as well as denying my reviving a squidmate.

The threats move away from us, which isn't that good, because it means they are moving towards our squidmates. But not the squidmate running away from his own troubles, and towards us. We are revived, and can get back to splatting away the bosses. It goes okay for the most part, but an ill-advised Splat Bomb thrown towards a Steel Head runs me low on ink just when I don't want to be.

At least my splatting gives my squidmates a nice big target in the Maws, and they can grab some last easy golden eggs as the final wave comes to an end. They revive me, we celebrate the solid run, and get back to the boat with an good haul.

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