First Tower Control [13(4)-3, Splat Charger]

6th December 2017 – 7.00 am

I can played Ranked battles, so let's play some Ranked battles. It's Tower Control, my favourite mode from before, but with some changes. The biggest is probably the checkpoints, and I don't quite know how they work. I should probably use the recon option to find out, but, as usual, just dive in to the battle and work things out as I go.

My choice of weapon is the Splat Charger, which should be good for picking off inklings on the Tower. But, of course, I don't know the route of the Tower, so I'm having to wing it. The pigeon looks like a good vantage point, at least, which works until my squidmates push the Tower. I follow, have a quick look at a checkpoint, but retreat as we are pushed back, my aim still as rough as ever not repelling the purple team.

The Sting Ray, feeling a bit weak in itself, should be a bit stronger with a Tower to aim for. My first use is from a bit too close to be effective, but I'm still unimpressed by the number of hits I get without a splat. The Tower is coming towards us as I return, and despite the acute angle at the first checkpoint, a purple inkling is just squidding on the wrong part of the Tower. They don't make that mistake again.

My second Sting Ray actually gets a splat, which is good, and lets the Tower move forwards a bit more. Whilst my squidmates push the Tower, the purple Inkbrush is trying to make room on our side of the Academy. It keeps me busy, but it does nothing to stop the Tower, and as I eventually splat him away I think his decision wasn't the best.

The Tower starts coming back our way, but I'm moving forwards and keep our progress positive. Naturally, the purple pressure gets more intense as we hit the third checkpoint (and it's good to see that checkpoints only need to be cleared once), and although a bit of hopping on and off keeps the purple ink off me longer, I am splatted away before too long.

I watch the progress of the battle on the map whilst splatted, for all the good it does me. I get a bit disorientated, and by the time I've found the Tower trundling past me it has two inklings on it protected by Ink Armour. A squidmate stops that push, but not for long. We are all splatted, all the purple team are unsplatted. But our lead is still looking strong.

We have a protracted battle at the our first checkpoint, where Splat Bombs and a bit of Splat Charging helps prevent purple progress, and a final Sting Ray maybe helps keep the purple team off the Tower. Either that, or their own Specials encourage them to move forwards, forgetting the Tower just when the need to be on it. Either way, time runs out, and victory is ours.

Not a bad first battle.

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